How to Win a Job Before the Interview Even Happens

How to Win a Job Before the Interview Even Happens


You had all your ducks in a row — the perfect resume, a comprehensive overview of your work experience, glowing referrals from previous employers and an interview that seemed to go well.

So why didn’t you get the job?

It might have something to do with what you did on the days leading up to the interview.

Many job seekers make the mistake of assuming all they need to worry about is the one-on-one meeting with the hiring manager. But the minute you make contact with an employer or recruiter, the interview process begins.

What you do, and how you behave, before the formal meeting speaks volumes of your abilities as a candidate.  Here are a few tips on what you can do improve your chances of getting a job before the interview.


Narrow Your Search

Contrary to what many job seekers think, limiting your job search to a handful of companies is better than taking the “shotgun” approach of sending as many resumes as you can to different employers.

By taking a specific approach, you’re showing a hiring manager you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity and have spent a considerable amount of time understanding it.


Keep Track of Your Job Search

Limiting your applications to a few companies makes it easier to keep your job search organized. Nothing sinks your job search ship faster than having an employer call you, only for you to forget what position you applied for or having to ask what the job description is.


Keep Communications Professional at All Times

Whether you’re communicating over the phone, via email, social media or face-to-face, always aim for the highest standards of communication. The more polite, concise and accurate you are in your communications, the more likely a potential employer will see your style of communicating and consider it a plus factor for you.

Be mindful of the little details. If you still have as your email address, do yourself a favor and replace it with a more professional-sounding one to put on your resume and applications.


Listen and Follow Instructions

Some employers will have very specific instructions for their application process. Sometimes, these instructions are designed to test applicants for their ability to listen, read and understand complex directions. You’d be surprised how many calls employment agencies get after explicitly stating “No Phone Calls” in a job listing.


Bottom line? Pay attention and follow instructions to make a great impression with potential employers.

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