5 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates

5 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates


While companies are always on the lookout for hungry job seekers just waiting for the opportunity to start working, many organizations often ignore the potential of passive candidates. They fail to realize the best candidates may not be looking for work at all.

Although passive candidates are often happily employed people, they may express interest in the right opportunity should it come along. Your job is to provide that opportunity. Here’s how to do it:


Bring Attention to Your Company Culture


Employed or not, people are naturally curious. When we hear something interesting or odd is going on in another company, we can’t help but want to know what it is.
This is true when recruiting passive candidates. More often than not, today’s workers are more interested in a company’s culture rather than the dollar figure they get each month. Instead of approaching passive candidates with this information yourself, you want your employees to do it for you.

When your people believe in the company, its vision and culture, they’ll be more than happy to act as your champions and build your employer brand for you.


Be Active on Twitter and Facebook


Although LinkedIn brands itself as the social network for professionals, actively listen on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of their reach.

For starters, you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search function to find relevant hashtags and the people who use them. Looking for a graphic designer? Run a search for #graphicdesign to look for interesting links shared by working graphic designers.

You can then follow people who share original insights as a way of softly introducing your company. As you like and share their tweets and Facebook posts, they’ll naturally feel compelled to click on your profile and see what you do.


Be Considerate


While it’s important to introduce your company to passive job seekers, you want to do it in the most natural way possible. People don’t like random cold calls, nor do they like being followed on social media.

Find an opportunity to introduce your company in a relevant way, whether it’s through a group or club membership, an industry event, or even a mutual acquaintance. 

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