How You Feel When You Work With the Right Staffing Firm


How You Feel


When your company is staffing up, the hiring process can be time-consuming and stressful for all involved with bringing new people on board. Rather than redirect the focus of your staff members to the recruiting and hiring process, it is best to turn to a qualified and highly skilled staffing firm: The Reserves Network (TRN).

As soon as your company partners with The Reserves Network, expect to feel immediate relief as the burden of handling the hiring process is off your shoulders. This is just the beginning of what you’ll feel when you turn to TRN for help:


  • Confidence

When a company brings a new employee on board, a big investment is made not only in time involved in hiring, but also because of the onboarding expenditures associated with training the new staff member.  No one wants to hire the wrong person and waste money and effort, so it’s nerve-wracking to go through the hiring process when you’re not certain how exactly to determine if an employee is the best match. Staffing professionals understand how to evaluate soft skills, hard skills and corporate culture to help companies hire the right person the first time. Because of TRN’s track record with successfully matching workers to organizations, you can be confident the hiring process will result in the right person coming on board.


  • Support

Taking care of all the tasks involved in hiring can be daunting. From writing a job description to sifting through a mountain of resumes, it is difficult to know where to start and easy to become overwhelmed. With The Reserves Network, you have support, advice and assistance at all phases of the hiring process.


  • Focused

Having a full-time in-house hiring expert is not financially viable or necessary for the level of recruiting and hiring performed by most business organizations.  This means staff members with other expertise have to redirect their focus to make new hires. Instead of forcing yourself or anyone at your organization to learn how to handle the hiring process, turn to staffing professionals at TRN who spend their careers matching companies with the right employee.

The Reserves Network exists to make the hiring process easier for your company and maximize the chances of hiring the best staff the first time around. You can benefit from the sense of freedom that comes from knowing not handling the hiring process on your own. Contact us today to pass the responsibility on to our staffing professionals who work with you to find the right hire for any open position.

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Call Center Job Fair














The Reserves Network in Winter Park, FL is hosting a job fair specifically for those interested in call center positions!

Join us Thursday, September 7 from 10 AM to 4 PM at:

The Reserves Network
925 S. Semoran Blvd, Suite 102
Winter Park, FL  32792

We are looking for Inbound Call Center Associates in the North Orlando area! Candidates will earn $11 an hour and must be able to type 30 words per minute, pass a grammar test, work weekends, and enjoy fashion.

For more information, contact us at 407.774.7770 or

Pizza Party and Job Fair at J&O Plastics!

The Reserves Network’s Akron, Ohio branch is hosting a pizza party and job fair with J&O Plastics! Join us for free pizza and learn about new and exciting job opportunities!

Thursday, August 31
12 PM to 3 PM

J&O Plastics
12475 Sheets Rd.
Rittman, Ohio  44270

All shifts start immediately! Some open positions include:

  • Machine Operation
  • Packing
  • Quality Inspection
  • Trimming

For more information, call The Reserves Network in Akron at (330) 864-2453 or email

The Reserves Network Debunks These Common Staffing Agency Myths!

Staffing Myths


If you are looking for a new job, turning to a staffing agency helps you supercharge your search and maximize the chances of landing a position where you’ll excel. The Reserves Network has placed countless job-seekers in jobs that turn into careers and in companies where workers feel valued.

Unfortunately, many people miss out on big benefits of working with staffing agencies because they believe common myths and misconceptions that discourage them from getting help from staffing professionals.

Don’t let myths mar your job search. Some of the common myths that have no actual basis in reality include:


  • Myth: You can only find temporary jobs with staffing agencies

The Reserves Network can help you to find temporary work, but we can also assist you in finding a full-time position, including through our direct-hire service. We’ll help you find the jobs you want to stay in for the long-term because you’ll fit into the organization so well.


  • Myth: It will cost you a lot of money to work with a staffing agency

Job-seekers shouldn’t have to pay staffing agencies. Companies pay for the services of recruiters who will provide them with high-quality candidates to choose from. The recruiter takes time to get to know you to ensure you’ll be the right fit with their client.


  • Myth: You can only find low-wage or manual labor jobs by working with a staffing agency

There are many companies who turn to The Reserves Network to help them find high-quality office, skilled-trade, professional and technical workers.


  • Myth: Staffing agencies don’t really care about you

The staffing professionals at The Reserves Network live within your community. We want to help local companies grow, and we take great pride watching our candidates launch their careers. But don’t just take our word for it:

“TRN staff is outstanding. They are very caring and committed to putting people to work.” -Derrick A.

“TRN seems to genuinely care about the employees they put on assignment. The staff has a great sense of humor and is so fun to interact with!” -Laura D.

“I’ve never had a job I loved more. The people I work with, including the TRN staff, are amazing. I never in a million years would have thought I could love a job so much. Thank you, TRN!” -Tiffany M.

The Reserves Network shatters expectations and does more than you can imagine to make your job search a success. Find out the truth about how our staffing agency can help you to find your perfect job. Contact us today!


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The Reserves Network Partners in Western Kentucky University’s Learn and Earn program

How to Take Ownership of a Customer Service Problem

How to Take Ownership of a Customer Service Problem


Problem-solving skills are a valuable trait for a customer service professional. Employers appreciate when you take initiative in solving a problem. Taking ownership of a problem ensures you make the customer happy and advance your career. Here are the steps to take to ensure any issue is solved efficiently:


  • Express empathy.

Customers need to know you hear and understand them. Listen to their feelings and let them know you empathize with where they’re coming from. Say something as simple as, “I understand how frustrating it is when a product doesn’t work as expected.” Focus on recognizing a customer’s feelings even if they don’t speak up. If you detect a customer sounds uncertain or angry, take the time to ask if they have questions or concerns.


  • Make the customer’s problem your problem.

Sometimes, a customer has an issue that’s not directly the fault of your company. If you can still step in and help solve the problem, you’ll earn that customer’s brand loyalty because you went the extra mile.


  • Find out answers you don’t know.

If the customer has questions you cannot answer, don’t wash your hands of the situation. Let the customer know you’ll look into the issue and provide a reply back. Talk to your supervisor ASAP and find out how to get the question answered – then get back to the customer.


  • Know company policy.

When a customer has an issue, know what you are authorized to do. If you cannot offer a refund, find out if you can provide a discount or learn who to talk to so you can get permission to offer the customer an appropriate remedy.


  • Focus on what you can do for the customer.

If the customer asks for the impossible, don’t just say no. Instead, immediately suggest alternatives for how you can satisfy their need.


  • Follow up.

If you must hand the customer’s problem off to another team member to solve, be sure to follow up with your coworker and the customer later to make sure the issue was resolved properly. Let the customer know you’ll be monitoring the resolution of the problem.


The Reserves Network helps you find your next great customer service candidates who have the skills needed to solve complext customer problems. Contact our team of staffing experts today and learn how we can help you.


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Behavioral Interview Questions That Get to the Core of the Candidate

Behavioral Interview Questions That Get to the Core of the Candidate


Hiring new employees is the most successful when you learn who a candidate is and not just how they portray themselves at a job interview. Behavioral interview questions get to the heart of who a job seeker is – but which questions should you ask?

Key behavioral interview questions that give you unparalleled insight into who a candidate is include:


  • Tell me about a time when you had to admit you made a mistake.

This question sheds light on the candidate’s level of honesty and humility. Did they own up to the error right away and take responsibility for fixing the problem? This also shows initiative and perseverance.


  • Is there a time when a past work situation helped you grow as a person?

If the candidate shares a story about learning new skills and overcoming weaknesses, this shows initiative, perseverance and determination.


  • Can you describe your ideal work environment?

Watch for a candidate who likes working on a team and who expresses a willingness to push himself and rise to new challenges. Make sure the candidate’s answer is a good match for your company culture.


  • How do you react if you’re asked to do something beyond what you’re capable?

The candidate should ideally discuss taking the initiative to ask questions, learn the necessary skills and push themselves to success. Candidates who look upon this as an opportunity are going to be much better employees.


  • Tell me about a time when you had to make a quick decision.

This answer showcases the candidate’s problem-solving and leadership skills. Did the candidate seek out consensus or take the initiative to act decisively?


  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker.

Choose a candidate who says they tried to find the positives in the situation and control their own reactions.


  • Describe a situation where your efforts directly impacted the outcome.

This gives the candidate a chance to show off their leadership skills and to demonstrate they know how to take the initiative.

The Reserves Network has many qualified candidates who are great leaders and would be assets to your organization. Contact our staffing experts today to find candidates who will surpass your expectations during the interview process and after they’ve been hired.


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What Happens When You Don’t Like Your Assignment

What Happens When You Don't Like Your Assignment


When you get an assignment through a recruiter, ideally the new job will be a perfect fit for you. Talking to your recruiter about your career goals and hopes for your job enables them to find an opportunity you’ll enjoy. Sometimes, however, you’ll end up with an assignment you don’t like. Here’s what to do when the assignment isn’t what you’d hoped for.


  • Evaluate the reasons you don’t like the assignment.

There are good and bad reasons to quit a job. If the work is challenging, pushing yourself to learn new skills could advance your career and boost your credibility – even if you feel frustrated in the short term. However, if you’re being treated badly or the company has a toxic corporate culture, this is a different situation. Be honest with yourself, and your recruiter, about your problems with the job.


  • Let the recruiter know right away of any issues.

If you’re struggling at work, let your recruiter know immediately. Detail your issues with the position and the reasons you’re having problems. The recruiter may be able to help you fix the issue and can use the feedback to help you find a different job for which you’re a better fit.


  • Make this a learning experience.

A recruiter wants you to be successful and will work with you to find a job where you excel. This may take time. It’s best to stick with the assignment until your recruiter finds a new opportunity for you and seeks out your replacement. Learn as much as you can and do your job efficiently while you remain employed so you’ll build an industry connection and boost your resume.


  • Remain professional.

Even if you hate a job, don’t just leave without notice or slack off during your shift. You’ll burn your bridges with the recruiter and company – neither of which is a good thing for your professional reputation.


The Reserves Network has a strong track record for placing candidates in jobs they love. If an assignment turns out to be different from what you expect, we’ll help you decide on the best course of action. Contact The Reserves Network today to find out more.


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