Mail Sorters Job Fair!

The Reserves Network’s Winter Park, FL office is hosting a job fair!

Tuesday, May 2nd
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
925 S. Semoran Blvd, Suite 102
Winter Park, FL  32792

Mail Sorters are needed for 2nd and 3rd shifts. A very busy season is coming up, so there are plenty of part-time opportunities.  Candidates must be able to work a six-hour  shift when scheduled.

The company is near the Orlando International Airport.

For more information, please contact Winter Park at (407)774-7770 or

The Right Way to Work With Your Staffing Firm Through the Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

When your company produces a product, you must have the right people to complete each step in the sequence of stages to get your product to market.

From the time a product is conceived until the time it is in the hands of consumers, you staff must execute an endless array of tasks. The success of your product will ultimately depend on how good your staff is at each stage of the product’s production.

The Reserves Network is here to make sure you have the very best people at every single step in the sequence.  When you turn to our staffing service to help you with hiring, you can count on our trusted and professional staffing firm to help you find best human resources. The qualified staff we help you hire will work to ensure the success of your product.

Here’s how we help with your staffing needs at each phase of the product life cycle:

  • The design phase: You need a practical, knowledgeable professional to turn an idea for a product into something that can actually be produced. The Reserves Network helps your company hire engineers who excel at product design.
  • The assembly phase: Step two in the product life cycle involves assembling the product according to the engineer’s design. The Reserves Network specializes in staffing for the light industrial field. We help you find people who know how to produce a high-quality product that you will be proud to bring to market.
  • Distribution of your products: To meet consumer expectations, you must deliver finished products on time. We staff warehouse workers, pickers and packers, and shipping and receiving specialists. These professionals will get the right products packaged up and sent to the customers who need them.
  • Product sales and marketing: Once you have a great product, your staff must help you sell it. We enable you to put together a skilled sales and marketing team to formulate creative approaches to attracting customers. Your staff will also know how to close the deal and get clients to buy.
  • Operations: As your company grows, you need to keep everything on track. The plant managers we help you hire will take care of overseeing production while customer service professionals ensure clients stay happy. We also help you staff your HR department so you’ll have human resources professionals who can take care of the essential tasks involved in employing a large staff.
  • Accounting: Your company must effectively collect the cash for your sold products. Let The Reserves Network staff your company with accounting professionals who will make sure you turn a profit.

Your company’s success depends on coming up with great products and executing the design and sales of those products. When your company partners with the staffing professionals at The Reserves Network, you will have the very best people who can turn your concept into a profitable product. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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Summit Technical’s Braintree Office Relocates

Summit- JPEG

Summit Technical has a new home in Braintree, MA.

An affiliate division of The Reserves Network, Summit Technical, provides contract and staffing services throughout the United States and Canada for engineering, software and professional design. Its new location is at 220 Forbes Road in Braintree after 18 years in the previous location.

“Spring is a great time to make changes,” says Deb LeBlanc, executive assistant. “The new office is right off Route 128, 11 miles south of Boston. It’s a convenient location to connect with contractors and clients throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.”

Summit Technical’s new location, found at 220 Forbes Road, Suite 3305, in Braintree.


Along with LeBlanc, Braintree account managers Kevin Garvey and Paul Keefe are also based at the new location.

Summit Technical was founded in 1988 and joined The Reserves Network in 2013. The Braintree branch joins four other offices in the Summit Technical family: Wallingford, CT; Lansdale, PA; Warwick, RI; and Fairview Park, OH.

Businesses and job seekers can contact the Braintree office at (781)848-4321 or

Tips to Help Calm Your Nerves before Your Interview

Tips to Help Calm Your Nerves before Your Interview


A job interview is a big deal. Your success at the interview makes or breaks your efforts to advance your career. Being nervous is a completely normal reaction – but you must find a way to calm your nerves and convince a hiring manager you’re the right person for the job.

Although it can be hard to stay calm, cool and collected, following these tips allows you to go into your interview with the confidence you need to succeed.


  • Get yourself 100 percent prepared before the interview.

Do your homework before an interview. Knowing you are prepared will calm your jitters and help you craft great answers to questions. Research the company and carefully review the job listing to demonstrate you have the skills the employer is looking for.  Consider practicing answers to hard interview questions so you don’t get caught off-guard. 


  • Practice selling yourself.

Your interview is the one chance you have to show you are the right person to help the company succeed. Think about why you are the best person for the job and be ready with your “elevator pitch” to sell yourself as the ideal candidate. Think about your greatest professional accomplishments and be ready to discuss them to show off all you can do for the company. 


  • Give yourself time to think before responding to questions.

You don’t have to jump right in to answering after an interviewer questions you. In fact, if you just start talking, you might provide a meandering answer that fails to impress. It’s okay to pause for a second or say, “Let me take a moment to think about that question.” An interviewer will be more impressed with a great answer after taking a few seconds to collect your thoughts than if you just stammer out a bad reply. 

The Reserves Network will help you land interviews with top companies interested in hiring people with your skills. Search our available jobs today to get started on the next phase of your career!

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How to Make Safety Training Fun … It’s Possible!

How to Make Safety Training Fun


As an employer, creating and fostering a safe work environment is your most important task. It’s your job to minimize injury and reduce your company’s legal risk.

Safety training is one of the more common and effective approaches for companies; it allows you to establish expectations for workplace behavior. Through training, you can arm your staff with the knowledge necessary to reduce the chances of illness or injury. Unfortunately, safety training can also be tedious and boring … which could mean workers don’t pay attention.

Your safety training programs don’t have to be dull and dry. Make them fun and engaging so employees more likely to pay attention and remember what they learned.  Consider these tips:


  • Develop games.

Create a “TV-game show version” of your training. Set up a Jeopardy game board with safety questions, play a version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or give staff members puzzles to solve. Offer incentives or rewards for those who excel at the competition, like giving out candy bars for correct answers or publishing the names of winners in company-wide newsletters.


  • Incorporate humor.

Use funny examples or create ridiculous anecdotes to showcase a particular safety issue. Adopt comedic videos from the internet or make your own GIFs that show off safety violations. Create in-house safety “memes” that are humorous but make important points. People won’t recall a boring list of safety rules but they will remember a joke they thought was funny and taught them something.


  • Encourage active participation among staff members.

Don’t put your staff in a room and lecture them. Make them get actively involved in safety training. You could have employees stage mock safety violations and create their own safety video, or you could ask them to look at pictures and videos and compete to see who can list the most safety violations. Whatever approach you take, make the training interactive.

Fun and games are important learning tools to inspire employees so they remember and follow best practices for safety. To create the safest possible workplace, however, you must hire only qualified candidates who are committed to taking necessary steps to avoid accidents.

Contact The Reserves Network today to learn how we can help your company find employees who understand the value of safety and who will work hard to protect themselves, their co-workers and the company.

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Summit Technical’s Office Relocates to Wallingford

Summit- JPEG

Summit Technical has a new home in Connecticut.

Summit Technical, an affiliate division of The Reserves Network, provides contract and staffing services throughout the United States and Canada for engineering, software and professional design. Its new location is at 1062 Barnes Road in Wallingford.

“The new facility is a centralized location,” says Janet Incerto, director of recruiting, “so it better caters to many of our existing customers. We are also looking to hire more employees to place in the engineering and design market—this space will accommodate those new hires very well.”

Summit Technical's new office building located at 1062 Barnes Road in Wallingford.

Summit Technical’s new office building, located at 1062 Barnes Road in Wallingford.

Following Incerto to the new location are Michael Godbout, accounts manager, and technical recruiters Dave Durocher, Lisa Fortier, Albert Mitchell and Samantha Romano.

Summit Technical was founded in 1988 and joined The Reserves Network in 2013. This Connecticut branch joins four other offices in the Summit Technical family: Braintree, MA; Lansdale, PA; Warwick, RI; and Fairview Park, OH.

Businesses and job seekers can contact the new Wallingford office at (800)643-7372  or

For more information on Summit Technical, visit

Four Ways to Improve Your Communication

Improve Your Communication


Communication is the key to success in business. Communicating with customers, suppliers and employees are part of your daily responsibilities. If you have efficient communication skills, you can be successful in all forms of communication, from providing instructions to closing deals.

Unfortunately, sometimes being an effective communicator is hard. Here’s the good news: you can improve your communication skills to connect more easily with others and to get your points across more effectively.


  • Communicate frequently and openly.

When you tell your staff to do something, don’t just give an order. Explain the why behind your request. If you feel overwhelmed with your job tasks, speak up and ask for help. If you learn something interesting or discover a helpful tip, share it with your co-workers. Becoming more open and approachable will fortify bonds with members of your team, resulting in easier communication.


  • Organize your thoughts.

Before you speak, think about what you want to say. If you have questions, take the time to consider who you want to approach. If you need information from a co-worker, identify all of the details you need in advance. By being more purposeful in choosing how to communicate, you can be much more effective in your requests.


  • Ask open-ended questions.

When you ask an open-ended question, you can get much more information. Listening is just as important as talking for effective communication, so make sure to give others a chance to enhance your knowledge by sharing what they know.


  • Be purposeful in your communication.

Don’t voice things you do not mean. Don’t make promises you cannot keep. You communicate not only with your voice, but with the actions you take. Follow through on your commitments and show that your words have meaning behind them.

No matter how effective you are at communicating, your company can only succeed if the employees you communicate with have the skills and abilities to meet your expectations. Let The Reserves Network help you build a strong team of qualified staff members. Contact our team of experts today.

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Open Interviews in Ottawa

The Reserves Network’s Streator, Illinois office is holding open interviews!

Wednesday, April 19 , 10 AM to 1 PM
Reddick Public Library
1010 Canal Street
Ottawa, IL  61350

We are seeking candidates for:

  • Production
  • Packing
  • General Labor

Please bring two (2) forms of ID.

For more information, please contact us at (815)672-2020 or