5 Ways to Find and Connect with Your Target Market on Social Media

Reaching your target market on social media is a matter of careful planning and execution. With billions of active users, social media marketing may seem like a surefire shortcut to success, but without the right strategy, you are more likely to get lost in the pit of online advertising than to strike digital marketing gold. However, by taking the right steps and crafting the perfect social media marketing strategy for your company’s specific needs, you can easily increase your company’s exposure and convert valuable leads.

Establish your ideal target market

As great as it would be to reach everybody in your area with a broad advertising campaign, you are better off sticking to a specific niche in order to deliver the right message on the right social platform to eliminate the variables and increase the effectiveness of your social media advertising. Try to focus on influencers in your industry, or those that can impact (influence) the purchase decisions of other consumers. Also focus on the overall ROI of your social media efforts in time and money spent versus total audience reach and the likelihood of the user converting into a customer.

Generate a goal for your message

Are you looking for greater company awareness? Are you trying to roll out a new initiative or change company perception? Or is it simply about converting users into clients? Whatever your goal is, it’s imperative to know which direction you are taking before trying to engage with your target audience.

Research YOUR audience’s social habits

Social media usership has numerous variables. Age, location, gender, income, user intent, time of day – all of these factors affect which users are going to be on which platforms. Your area and industry may be completely opposite to the general social media marketing norms. This is why it is best to focus on YOUR target market through a clear lens as to not distort your perception of how to reach your target audience. This blog post from inbound marketing agency, Hubspot, has a number of great tools you can use to research your local audience.

Send the right message to the right place

It’s finally time for action. Now that you’ve done your initial research, your message is ready to be sent in a way that best ensures a positive ROI on your social media marketing efforts.

Analyze, refine, analyze, refine…

As your marketing goals, target audience and message are highly specific to your company, the best way to ensure that your social media marketing campaign achieves its benchmarks is to test, test and test some more. How social media users react to your message will tell you whether you need to expand or change to other platforms, adjust the message being sent or keep your strategy the same.

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Why Managers Should Encourage Employees’ Leadership Skills

Having a great management team requires not only good recruiting, but a developmental process for long-term success. Hiring managers from within ensures your management team has a full perspective of the company and its processes. Developing your employees’ leadership skills is still beneficial even if you never promote them to a managerial role. Your employees will not only feel more fulfilled with the extra effort put into developing their professional abilities, but having the qualities of a leader will make them better in their everyday tasks.

Allows for multiple options for promoting from within

Employers rarely get more than two weeks’ notice to fill a vacancy. If a manager gets promoted to another position within the company or finds another role outside of the company, you may be forced to fill the position quickly with the next most authoritative employee in that department. If this employee does not have the necessary leadership skills or the right leadership style, your productivity will undoubtedly suffer.

Developing all of your employees’ leadership skills will give you a chance to decide which employee has the right style of leadership to best suit the team they will soon be leading.

Makes your employees better decision makers

The best qualities of a good leader are focused on making the right decisions. Being in charge comes with a lot of decision making and thus, developing leadership skills such as reasoning, understanding, communication and problem solving will help your employees make better decisions in their roles.

This is especially useful during a busy season when managers don’t have the necessary time to delegate each and every task for all of their employees. It can also allow employees to take a temporary leading role when their manager is gone on vacation or sick leave.

Improves pride of ownership

When an employer takes the time to develop their employees, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Developing employees’ leadership skills is especially rewarding in that it shows them you see the potential in them to one day lead a team or even a company. This can help raise company morale which in turn can increase productivity and reduce turnover rates.

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What to Do While Waiting in the Lobby for Your Interview

Landing a job interview can be a great first step towards achieving professional success…. but you must impress those who are doing the hiring. The most important thing to remember is that your interview starts from the moment you walk in the door. Once you have checked in and are sitting in the lobby waiting for your interview, it is especially important to behave with the utmost professionalism.

Your time spent in the lobby awaiting the interviewer is a test of endurance, as you are nervously awaiting the chance to show off your skills. During this waiting period, make certain you do not do anything to hurt your candidacy. In fact, behaving with professionalism at this time could be just as vital to getting the job as the answers that you give when you’re actually in the heart of the interview.

So, what can you do while waiting in the lobby to avoid undermining your efforts at getting hired. You should:


• Be patient and composed.

Avoid look at your watch impatiently and keep in mind that now is not the time to start texting, playing video games, or calling a friend to chat. It’s also not a good idea to let yourself get angry or annoyed if the receptionist tells you that the interviewer is running late. You must show you can handle frustrations and minor setbacks, such as an unexpected delay, and you need to demonstrate that you understand how to behave in a business setting.


• Be polite.

Demonstrate that you have good manners in every interaction. If someone opens a door for you, say thank you. Be courteous to the receptionist when checking in. If someone sits down in the waiting room next to you, say good morning. A big part of doing a good job is fitting in with the company culture and being a good team player. Those doing the hiring will observe how you interact with others so they can get a glimpse into you emotional intelligence and see what you’d be like to work with day-to-day.


• Rehearse in your head.

Since you aren’t going to be looking at your gadgets, you need something to do to fill the time… so why not go over some of your pre-prepared answers to your interview questions. Think about the important skills you want to convey, and rehearse a few anecdotes that demonstrate your professional aptitude. You should already have a lot of this prepared before you go into the interview, but there is nothing wrong with rehearsing it so it is fresh in your mind.


• Visualize success.

As you sit and wait, you may start to get nervous… but you do not want to come across that way during the interview. Instead of contemplating all that could go wrong, take the time while waiting in the lobby to visualize a successful interview. It may seem silly, but imaging yourself doing a great job answering questions and picturing what it will like to be hired can get you primed to exhibit the type of confidence that is sure to impress the person doing the hiring.

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5 Leadership Styles That Improve the Manager-Employee Relationship


The new year is your time to improve as a person. For managers, this means taking the time to evaluate your effectiveness as a leader. So what does an effective leader look like?

As you work on how to become a better manager in 2017, don’t just focus on improving the manager you were last year. Think about the needs of your company. Pay attention to each individual team member you manage, their personality, their needs, their skills and potential as a professional. To be the best leader you can in 2017, choose the leadership style that best suits your team, not simply the style that fits your personality and professional abilities.


Democratic leaders allow the decisions of the group to guide the team, it allows the individual team members to be the top priority. It allows the raised level of employee satisfaction to drive productivity forward. This form of management works best with teams that are self-sufficient, highly skilled and highly motivated.


This style of leadership is the “do as I say” style that often gets negatively associated with a dictatorial form of leadership. When used in the right setting, this form of leadership is very effective at keeping employees on task. However, it requires the highest level of involvement and planning from management to continuously guide the actions and expectations of the team. It is best utilized with employees that are more action-focused and less planning- and organizationally-focused. Using this leadership style on more innovative employees may come off as condescending and lead to friction.


Most employees, especially new hires, will require some level of professional coaching. A coaching leader will invest more time upfront in order to educate their team and create, or take advantage of, extra learning opportunities. This extra effort often pays off down the line when their employees are more independent.


Laissez-Faire is a relaxed style of leadership that allows the team to dictate strategy and pace. This is the perfect management style for groups that are self-reliant and only need a leader every so often when a conflict arises or an important deadline is approaching.


If the democratic leadership style is the “how can I help you” leadership style, then the affiliative leadership style is the “how can I connect with you” style. When employees become disengaged from work or a crisis occurs, their trust needs to be reclaimed. An affiliative manager will work to create a culture of belonging and companionship among the team.

As you read through the various leadership styles, how did they resonate with you and what do you think your team will benefit from? Was one leadership style perfect for one employee and a different style right for another? This is quite common as teams can vary drastically. The important thing to do as a leader is to educate and motivate each employee in their own uniquely effective way.

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