How to Nurture and Reward Top Performers

Any organization that wants to be successful should put measures in place to retain top talent. This is easier said than done when the highest achievers are sought after by other companies and always looking for a dynamic and well-rounded experience.

In order to satiate your hungriest, most ready-for-action employees there are a few questions you must answer for yourself.

Who are My Top Performers?

All of your employees are valuable and ideally, they all perform well. However, certain employees go above and beyond the requirements of their positions, make efforts to stay active in the industry outside of work, educate others on the team and have a more big-picture awareness of the company’s working cogs. These are your superstars and it’s possible they’re also the ones with one foot out the door.

What do Top Performers Value Most?

Top performers didn’t become so successful and well-rounded out of the blue. These employees know their own preferences and abide by an extreme level of self-discipline and uncommonly high expectations. There are five main factors that will make or break a top performing employee’s job satisfaction:

  • Embracing and being led by their company’s values and vision
  • Integrity and social responsibility from the top down in their company
  • Working for a company that demonstrates innovation and is efficient in exceeding market demands
  • Sufficient resources provided not only to themselves, but to all members of their organization
  • Support for their career trajectories

How can I meet these needs?

Step 1 – Reestablish the Vision

Regularly communicate the mission of your company and the “We Believe” statements that move your organization toward those goals.

Step 2 – Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Assert your firm’s ethical foundation not by adopting and promoting a cause for show but by valuing righteousness and putting consumer needs first.

Step 3 – Innovate

Bring your top performers and all employees into an incubator-style brainstorm session periodically to encourage innovation at the roots of the organization. Embrace great ideas and show follow-through.

Step 4 – Improve Conditions

Rally the work conditions and resources necessary for your top performers and all teammates to excel without unnecessary contingencies or obstacles.

Step 5 – Educate

Provide continuing education opportunities & support for professional growth; clear a path for employees to move into the roles that best suit their needs and proficiencies as they grow.

Your department and company as a whole will benefit from the retention, upward training, and leadership of your top performing staff. To continue to cultivate their talents and retain their loyalty, provide the benefits discussed here. For more employee satisfaction tips and to hire top talent, work with TRN today!

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