Five Ways to Expand Your Talent Pipeline

With the current skills gap in the U.S., it is more important than ever to expand your talent pipeline. Generating a successful recruiting pipeline takes a lot of time and resources, but the cost of bad hires and lack luster talent is far greater. If your company is looking to grow its talent pool, then perhaps it should implement these strategic staffing solutions.

Prepare For Growth

Your HR department can only handle so many applicants at a given time. By investing in a Human Capital Management System, you are allowing your HR department to take on a larger breadth of talent in an organized fashion. Not only can you handle more applicants but you can also store and track your most talented candidates for the next round of hiring.

Utilize Current Recruiting Resources

A Human Capital Management System is always a worthy investment. However, if you are not taking full advantage of all of your current recruiting resources, then you are diminishing your talent pipeline.

How useful are your local surroundings? What universities or programs could you develop strong bonds with? Do you have an employee referral program?

Don’t invest extra time and resources towards expanding your pipeline until you have fully developed your current recruiting pipeline.

Actively Recruit Passive Candidates

It should come as no surprise that the majority of top candidates are currently employed. This requires a more involved recruiting approach that most companies choose to neglect.

Recruiting passive candidates is a lot like dating. Finding the perfect candidate should take more time than just filling a simple position with anybody who’s qualified. There’s a courting process that takes persistence and determination. While this may seem like a risk or a waste of time, it’s what your company has to do to succeed in recruiting high end talent.

The best way to expedite this process is to connect with passive candidates on the medium that they use. This means actively recruiting on LinkedIn, Twitter, email or even over the phone. Whichever network your recruit prefers is going to yield the best results to convince a passive candidate to leave their current employer for you.

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