4 Signs That Your Employee Is Ready For More Responsibility

It’s important to keep your office staff or light industrial workers engaged by providing the proper path for advancement within the company. This improves office or factory morale by proving that your employees hard work will pay off. However, some workers aren’t always comfortable to ask for more responsibility. Look for employees that are proactive in their role and see if they are ready to take the next step within the organization.

Drive for betterment

Watching for employees that are always looking to improve their craft is a great way to tell who is ready for a bigger role. Give your dedicated workers a promotion and let them be an example of how diligence can be rewarded.

Helpful to others

An employee that goes out of their way to help others could be the perfect candidate for the new managerial role that just opened up. Individuals that actively teach and improve their coworkers are proving their capabilities to handle more responsibility and manage others.

Finds solutions

Do you have employees that show great ingenuity and critical thinking? Are they the kind of employees that don’t have a “someone else’s problem” mentality? They may be waiting to use these problem solving skills on a larger scale, to help improve company processes or organization.


Proven leaders know how to take accountability for their actions and how to receive criticism well. An employee that worries less about making mistakes and more about how to improve may be a good fit for a raise or promotion.

Leader or workhorse?

You’ve found an employee that is definitely ready for more responsibility, but you aren’t quite sure whether you should just give them a raise or a promotion? An employee with a more narrow focus and workhorse mentality can still succeed with a larger workload and deserves a raise, but they may not be fit to manage others.

If you have a leader on your hands, then it’s a different story. Your company will benefit from having strong leaders in management, so be sure to look for these employees that exhibit these four characteristics in their work. You may have a great asset in this employee so use that to your advantage.

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