The Unskippable Step: Background Checks Matter

In the light industrial field, safety is paramount. You secure your machinery, ensure that your building is up to code, and train your employees on proper handling. Everyone from management to temp labor knows the drill – but does your hiring staff play it safe?

In this post, we will explore the importance of exercising hiring safety by conducting background checks for all new hires. Protect the integrity and peace-of-mind of your staff, your assets, and your reputation by anticipating mishaps before they occur. Know your staff from onboarding forward to prevent harassment and interpersonal issues, theft and fraud, vandalism or misuse, and lawsuits.

Why Background Checks?

Background checks cost money and time. Maybe you ran a quick Google search on your new or potential hire and you feel that you’ve done enough. Perhaps your new hire was recommended by a staff member or someone you know and you’re sure there’s nothing to fear. Consider the following three reasons to maintain a stringent background check policy for all hiring practices.

  1. To Protect Your Staff

Your staff members trust you. As an advocate for your light industrial firm, you have a responsibility – legally and ethically – to keep them safe on the job. You don’t take that lightly. Hiring someone with a track record for violence or a deviant background may put your current employees at risk. Staying informed about your potential hire’s past will put your mind at ease and keep your staff safe.

  1. To Protect Your Assets

Did you know that more than $50 billion is stolen from businesses by their own employees each year?1 A simple background check may or may not have prevented those instances and protected those dollars, but it is a preventative measure which could have made a difference. Knowing that a potential hire has stolen in the past – from a previous employer or in any unrelated situation – may be the red flag you need to choose another candidate.

Theft isn’t the only concern. Individuals who have a history of committing vandalism or violence may damage your property if instigated. While a rogue case of adolescent graffiti may not indicate a proclivity toward property damage, a background check can at least help you ask the right questions in an interview and stay aware.

  1. To Protect Your Company

In the event that a member of your staff is harassed or put in danger on the job, he or she has every right to file a lawsuit. If said employee is harassed by an employee with a criminal record related to the offense, YOU and your company may be penalized and charged with Negligence in Hiring. In this case, the court may find that your company could have taken measures to prevent the offense in question and penalties could arise. Hiring someone with a criminal past may not result in any problems whatsoever, but your company should always be aware of risks.

Background checks are inarguably necessary to the success of your hiring process and should not be ignored. Looking into the past to better anticipate the future will protect your staff, your stuff, and your reputation. For more on this and other hiring practices, contact The Reserves Network today.

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