Your Employees Could be Quitting Because of You

Turnover rate is always a concern for businesses, and is a chief complaint among managers. This is a very expensive problem that forces companies to constantly ask themselves, “Why am I always losing good employees?” The answer, more than likely, is a reflection of how these employees were treated by their supervisors.

Monitor your managers and be sure that they are not giving off these red flags that send good employees packing.

Disrespecting the Process

Teams create processes based on what has been established as the functions and goals of their department. In comes the manager complaining about one particular aspect of the process and all of the sudden this process, which works, doesn’t matter anymore.

Often, when numbers are down or a complaint is received, managers look for the quickest fix. This seemingly simple fix can disrupt the entire workflow for an employee or department, may not be a good long-term solution to the problem. Make sure that your managers are keeping the bigger picture in mind, and have them relay on employees for day-to-day details.

Undervaluing Good Employees

It can be easy for supervisors to only focus on what their subordinates do wrong instead of all of the things they are doing right. This can distort and undermine how valuable these employees are to the company.

There is also an issue of pride that arises when managers feel as though they have to be better than their employees, which can be harmful to the group. Each employee is a specialist in what they do, so no manager should feel the need to have to compete with their staff. A manager’s job is to lead, and part of being a good leader is relying on the strengths of those around you.

Lacking Honesty & Transparency

One of the quickest ways to lose good employees is to make empty promises. Promising an employee a raise, bonus, new equipment or a valuable new hire, and not following through on that pledge is going to cause that employee to disengage from their work. Once you lie to an employee, they will no longer want to trust you with their career.   

Along the same lines as lying is not being fully transparent with your associates. If your managers are not upfront with goals, expectations and budget, their direct reports are going to feel slighted and start looking for more reliable work.

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