What Does AI Mean for Your Hiring Initiatives?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is no longer the stuff of science fiction novels. From handheld phones with virtual assistants to the algorithms that tailor Netflix recommendations to viewers, Artificial Intelligence is working behind the scenes to improve people’s lives in countless ways. AI can be a powerful tool that is useful not just in these familiar applications, but also for handling complex tasks like recruiting job candidates.

Early AI, or Classic AI, worked by giving computers a series of rules to follow so those computers could perform functions the human brain could easily do, such as adding two numbers together. Artificial Intelligence has now evolved far beyond Classic AI into a new era of machine intelligence. With the new developments and continued technological advances, there is tremendous potential for Artificial Intelligence to forever alter the human recruitment process. It is vital to understand the impact of AI on hiring initiatives, both for recruiters and for companies seeking qualified candidates.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Hiring Initiatives

AI is going to impact the hiring process in profound ways. Possible impacts of the rise of Artificial Intelligence include:


  • Changing the nature of the workforce

AI is making it possible for robots to do many of the jobs that people once did. By 2025, as many as 25 percent of jobs will be replaced by robots or automation. Companies need to assess financial and other benefits of hiring a person to fill a position versus using a machine. Skilled professionals will also have to be employed to design, implement, and oversee the operation of robotics in companies that opt for AI to take over essential work tasks. 


  • Changing the process of finding candidates

Using artificial intelligence, companies and candidates can be matched by sophisticated algorithms. AI is no substitute for a professional recruiter, however, as intelligent machines still lack a deep understanding of humanity. When a company is looking at candidates for an open position, a job seeker may appear perfect “on paper.” Unfortunately, things like emotional intelligence and social skills cannot effectively be measured by machines. Recruiters will still be needed for in-person interactions to analyze responses to contextual questions based on specific job requirements. Good recruiters will use AI as one of the many tools available in their arsenal to help companies identify the very best human resources to meet their needs. 


  • Expanding the data available for assessing candidates

Machines are very good at analyzing massive amounts of data very quickly. By combining machine intelligence with the ability of computing devices to effectively analyze different variables, companies that are hiring can obtain and assess massive amounts of information about a wide range of job-seekers. Software can be used to determine if patterns in past experience suggest an ability to succeed in a position, while other programs can be used to quickly eliminate candidates who lack skills that are essential for a given position. 

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