The Right Way to Guarantee That a Recruiter Remembers You

Standing out to recruiters is becoming increasingly challenging as the job market continues to saturate and evolve. It’s not just about having the right qualifications and experience anymore. But what can you do, that you haven’t tried, to stand out to recruiters in the right way?

Relax, smile and be yourself

This may not seem like a game-changing tactic, however, it’s one of the most highly recommended interview tips. Why? It guarantees that your interview is unique in comparison to any other interview.

Too often we find that recruits are overly rehearsed for their interviews to the point where their responses are generic and unoriginal. By being genuine and coming off as interesting and likeable to recruiters, you give yourself a greater likelihood of standing out in an application process.

Come in well-prepared and solving problems

What employers look for in candidates is someone that can come in day one and create an impact. If you come into your interview and start creating solutions or improvements, you will immediately jump to the top of the applicant stack.

“Take time to do your research before the interview. Before your interview, you should take the time to learn all you can about the industry and trends in the industry, learn about the company you are interviewing with, their strengths and weaknesses, their competitors, and the challenges that they are up against. Preparation is an absolute must as it shows your interest level. It also tells the interviewer that you don’t look at this opportunity as just a job, but a lifelong career”, Mara Rice, Recruiting Specialist.

Create the full picture

Don’t let your recruiter fill in the blanks on what type of employee you would be. Use your cover letter, resume and interview to give recruiters the full picture of who you are as a professional. Give specific examples and details on how you excelled in your previous machine operator jobs. When you can speak from experience, it comforts employers to know exactly what you’ve done so that they can better imagine your performance within their organization.

Give a resounding follow-up email

How you follow up to an interview can make or break your entire application process. This is your last chance to make an impression on your recruiter. That means if there are any loose ends, critiques from the interview or suggestions you can make to prove your value to a potential employer, now is the time to address them. Give your application its final touch and leave the recruiter with no doubts as to who is the best candidate for the job.

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