Ready to Make a Change? Download these Resume Tips!

A solid resume can be a career game-changer. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, looking to change careers, or transitioning from military to civilian life, you need an attention-grabbing resume to set you apart and dazzle employers. Our brand new e-book tells you exactly how to create a resume and cover… Read More »

What Should Your General Labor Resume Look Like?

As a laborer, you might not think too much about your resume. However, that resume is the first thing potential employers see when you apply for a job. You want your resume to be modern, easy-to-read and to make the case that you deserve an interview. Competition for labor jobs is fierce, and you can’t… Read More »

How to Succeed in the Knowledge Economy

The Reserves Network

Our economy is constantly changing, making room for new skills and industries that support improvements in technology and infrastructure. The knowledge economy, in specific, is known for the use of knowledge to generate products and services. To thrive in this economy, there are a variety of skills you’ll need to learn and polish. Here are… Read More »

Why You Should Never Lie on Your Resume

  Lying on your resume, while enticing, is a terrible idea. Doctoring your work history, claiming to have skills you don’t, and general deceitfulness about how long you stayed with employers can result in immediate dismissal if you are hired. “Even if you believe you provided a harmless ‘white lie,’ dishonesty on your resume or… Read More »

The Ultimate 5-Minute Resume Grammar Guide

  A resume is more than a piece of paper that summarizes your experience – a great one will demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position that you are applying to. “Employers, staffing agencies, and recruiters typically spend less than six seconds reviewing candidates’ resumes,” said Brandon Thimke, director of communications at… Read More »

Follow These 5 Tips to Customize Your Resume for the Job

  Your resume is the single most important document in your job search arsenal. Naturally, you want it to grab a hiring manager’s attention and show him/her that you’re the perfect person for the job. According to Janet Incerto, director of recruiting at Summit Technical, an affiliate of The Reserves Network, “Resume customization has grown… Read More »

How Long Should My Resume Be?

We hear it all of the time: How long should my resume be? The answer is, as short as possible. One to two pages is the best length if you want to create the perfect resume. Why? Recruiters are swamped with resumes in this competitive job market to the point where they simply cannot afford… Read More »

Should You Include a Professional Summary on Your Call Center Resume?

Your experience in the world of call center customer service is vast. You know your stuff and you’re ready to move into your next role. How can you be sure that the next recruiter, hiring manager, or customer service director can see – on paper – that you’ve got this? Your resume is the gatekeeper;… Read More »

What Machine Operators Need on Their Resumes

Have you ever wondered, as a machine operator, what exactly employers are looking for on your resume? It’s not as basic as some might think. Here are some of the qualities that employers look for in the perfect machine operator’s resume. Experience This information should be prominently featured on your resume. Employers want to know… Read More »