What Do I Do Right Before My Job Interview?

You landed the interview for the job you’ve had your eye on. You spent hours practicing and preparing. You arrived at the interview 15 minutes early and you’re eager to get started. But for now, you must wait. These last few moments before your interview can feel like they drag on forever. What you do… Read More »

Five Soft Skills to Incorporate Into Your Interview Answers

When preparing for job interviews, you likely focus your energy on practicing answers that are related to your skills and job history. These are important, but they are not the only factors that you want to focus on during an interview. Today, employers are looking for more than just experience. They want people with the… Read More »

5 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression in Your Job Interview

  Preparing for a job interview requires you to research, practice and prepare. However, before you ever get a chance to show off that preparation, your interviewer will have already judged you based on their first impressions. You only get one shot at making a great impression, so stay focused on these five tips to… Read More »

How to Win a Job Before the Interview Even Happens

  You had all your ducks in a row — the perfect resume, a comprehensive overview of your work experience, glowing referrals from previous employers and an interview that seemed to go well. So why didn’t you get the job? It might have something to do with what you did on the days leading up… Read More »