How to Choose Between Two Jobs You Really Want

The goal of any job search is to find a position you love. Of course, when you have two offers and you want to take both jobs, you’ve got a problem – although it’s a good problem to have. You must choose which job is going to be the best fit for you.   To… Read More »

How to Keep Your Personal and Professional Life Separate Online

In today’s connected world, many employees have faced professional consequences because of postings on social media or because other online content has gone “viral” and come to the attention of employers.  You don’t want to jeopardize career opportunities because of your Internet activity, so you should take steps to keep your personal and professional life… Read More »

How to Find a Job after Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment makes employers nervous, even if there was a good reason you were jobless for months, or even years. As a job-seeker, you must overcome a potential employer’s concerns if you want to get hired.   Earn new credentials: Employers worried about long-term unemployment are put at ease if they see you’ve recently continued… Read More »