Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

At the end of an interview, most employers will ask, “Do you have any questions?” You should have several questions of your own ready to ask, but there are some questions that you should not ask on your first interview. Here’s a list of questions not to ask a potential employer during your interview:

How long do I have to wait to get promoted? This question tells the employer you are not interested in the position for which you are interviewing.

What does your company do? Always do your research; do not ask questions that you could have researched on the company website.

When can I expect a salary increase? You need to be satisfied with the current salary being offered for this position or you should not have applied for the position.

Can I work from home? This question could imply you don’t want to work under direct supervision or you dislike working with others.

By Michele Norman, staffing supervisor, TempWise

TempWise is an affiliate company of The Reserves Network based in Tampa, Fla.

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