On-Site Advantage Becomes Department

The Reserves Network On-Site Advantage Program is now its own Department.

Known as “a partnership that works,” On-Site Advantage is a customized program where the company provides optimal on-site representation to its customers with built-in specific coverage hours. Company-wide TRN currently has 14 on-site programs.

“The On-Site Advantage footprint continues to grow and prosper,” says Amy Gerrity, president. “As more customers employ this service we need to ensure we have the resources devoted to making those flourish.”

Charged with the task of escalating the On-Site Advantage Department is Julie Domokos, who has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Julie joined TRN in 2005, and over the past decade has worked to implement, develop and strengthen TRN’s on-site presence. Throughout her 20-year career in the staffing industry, she has specialized in managing, reducing turnover, coordinating orientation programs and mentoring representatives specifically at on-sites

Joining Julie on the On-Site Advantage team is Corey Ropelewski, who moves from Branch Manager of the Elyria, Ohio office to Regional On-Site Manager. Corey has managed the sales and service of one of TRN’s leading on-sites. He will be directly responsible for the support and success of several current on-site customers, while assisting with expansion and standardization of the program throughout TRN.

“TRN has an unwavering commitment to providing renowned on-site programs,” says Julie. “Turning this program offering into a service department demonstrates even further dedication toward ensuring their long-term success. We are excited to play a role in aiding the development of existing programs, and working to identify and implement new ones.”

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