Late to Work? How to Fix This Nasty Habit

No matter if you are an hourly or salaried employee, showing up to work on time matters. Coming in late affects your professional image and tarnishes your reputation at work. If you are the boss, then your tardiness will send the message to your employees that work isn’t very important to you. Start your day right by showing up on time with these key tips.

Identify the problem

Do you find yourself sleeping in more often than not? Are you constantly losing things that you have to find before you leave for work? Do you have poor judgement when it comes to commute time? Are you always trying to get one more thing done before you head to the office?

The first step in changing a bad habit is to create awareness of  the root cause so you can work to create a solution.

Create a solution

Once you have an understanding of some of the common roadblocks that often keep you from getting to work on time, it’s time to start making some changes.

You may have to shift your mindset to account for your frequent tardiness. By pretending it is 5-10 minutes later than it really is, it will help push you to show up on time or even early. By leaving a bit earlier, even if some unforeseen element comes in to play, you still gave yourself enough of a cushion to make your shift.

You may be someone who is constantly losing or forgetting something and having to march back into your house to find it. Prevent this by being more clean and organized. You know what you need for work so make sure all of those items are available and in one spot, the night before, so you can grab them and go in the morning.

Don’t let little things take priority over your job. While you may have a million and one things going on at home, you can’t let this affect your work life. Put that last errand or problem on hold and get out the door.

Another issue causing you to be late to work could be the fact that you don’t like your job or your career. You are much more likely to show up to work on time if you love what you do.

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