How to Turn a Bad Hire Into a Good Employee

Don’t fret. Even if you believe that you have made a poor decision in hiring the wrong employee, there are still ways to remedy this issue and avoid a costly mistake.

Find out what makes them tick

You’ve just brought on a new employee and they just aren’t making the natural progression that you expected. They don’t look comfortable in the role or maybe aren’t producing at a rate that’s necessary to succeed at this position. You’ve recognized that things aren’t going well so now you have to find a way to make this employee more valuable to the company. Would they respond better and be more enthusiastic with more responsibilities? Would their performance be better in a different department or on a different shift? Find out how you can make this employee more comfortable and watch them flourish.

Reassign them to a more suitable role

After becoming more familiar with a new employee, you may find that their skills are actually more suited for an entirely different position. It’s not fair to judge an employee’s abilities if they are not in a conducive role that matches their strengths.

Are they a workhorse or a leader?

Having both grunt workers and leaders on your team is crucial to operating a successful business. However, they are both valuable in very different ways. Workhorses are great for getting things done in a timely manner, no matter how repetitive or daunting the task is, they just put their heads down and grind. Leaders, on the other hand, are better at seeing the big picture, creating processes and delegating. Because of these major differences, serious issues can occur when a workhorse employee is put in a leadership role and vice versa. Make sure that this “bad employee” is in the right role.

What are they passionate about?

Understanding what your team is passionate about will help you be able to create processes and initiatives that they can support. Find a way to implement your “bad hire’s” passions into their work, and their productivity should turn around.

Could it be a quick fix?

Small things can add to or take away from the value of an employee. Maybe your employee is having issues at home because they keep missing their daughter’s sporting events and it’s starting to affect their performance at work. It could even be a simple as providing coffee in the break room to keep your employee energized throughout the day. Providing small accommodations for your employees can be the difference between a bad hire and a good employee.

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