How To Make The First Week At A New Job Less Awkward

Settling into a new position takes time. You may forget where the fax machine is or which Jessica was in charge of the marketing department. Only time will change the fact that you are “the new kid.” However, there are ways to smooth out the onboarding process and make yourself more comfortable in your new role.

Know that it isn’t personal

For your co-workers, your first week is just business as usual. Don’t take it personally if they are too busy stressing about deadlines to give you a warm welcome, it doesn’t mean they dislike you or aren’t willing to be helpful.

Don’t fake it

New employees always want to be able to do it all and hit the ground running. However, knowing when to ask questions is a highly underrated trait of great workers and leaders.

Think About It: If you pretend to know something that you don’t, it will inevitably lead to poor results in performance. That can be damaging to the company. On the other hand, if you ask a few questions, all it costs the company is some time to educate and train a new employee. Which do you think the company would prefer?

Be a sponge

Use your first few days to really listen and adapt to your environment. Ask yourself, “Who is helpful? How are things done around here? Who should I be emulating?”

You don’t want to come on too strong and start off on the wrong foot from the beginning. Even the most outgoing professionals should make an effort to listen and understand first before putting in their two cents.

Get to know your co-workers

The employees that you have met through the interview process may not always be available to answer your questions. Getting to know your co-workers, especially those in your department, but also those in other departments of the company will help you adapt to this new organization. Developing a rapport with your close co-workers will make your day-to-day collaborations much smoother and easier. Establishing relationships with other employees across your new company will help paint the big picture of what goes on at your office every day. Focus on more seasoned employees or the receptionist in your early days, as they will have a better understanding of all of the employees and the company culture.

Challenge yourself to really get some face-to-face time with your team. Ask them out to lunch. This may take you out of your comfort zone but quality face time with your close co-workers is not only a great start to generating a good rapport, but it may give you a better insight into what your day-to-day will look like.

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