How Can I Be Noticed at a Job Fair?

job fairAs soon as you hear about a job fair you should find out which companies will be attending and begin researching the companies, putting them in two columns: one, those in which you are very interested or are interested in learning more about; and two, those in which you have no interest.

Once you have a list of interesting companies, research them by going to their Web pages and exploring areas such as Employment Opportunities, News Releases and About Us.

Next, you should prepare “a 30-second talk” which introduces you. Be sure to include your name, education, employment background/skill sets and a specific reason why you would like to work for them. Then, take a moment to ask them a well thought-out question.

Next is presentation. Dress appropriately for the job fair. Conservative should be the order of the day.

By Lee Rachelson, regional director, TempWise.

TempWise is an affiliate company of The Reserves Network based in Tampa, Fla.

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