How the Gig Economy is Favoring Employees

As companies shift to on demand work, construction workers and other light industrial laborers have the opportunity to really capitalize on this new gig economy. Flexibility and control are two words that are rarely, if ever, associated with physical labor jobs. However, workers can now have both in their career, if they take advantage of these benefits of the gig economy.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

By only accepting the projects that fit within a reasonable schedule, you can take control of the balance between your career and your personal life. You are also given the flexibility to take on extra work to save up for a mini-vacation or break from work, in case of an emergency. Take advantage of the lack of commitment that comes with gig work to fit your lifestyle.

Set Your Pace

The gig economy rewards quick and effective workers that would otherwise be making the same hourly rate as their co-workers in a full-time position with a company. If you can effectively complete projects early, or take on multiple projects at once, you can make much more per hour than you would in a traditional work environment.

Rapidly Build a Portfolio

While the consistency of a full-time assembly job in Chicago is great, the job satisfaction leaves much to be desired. Projects allow workers to choose the types of jobs they want, not what they can get. The low risk of a small gig to employers eliminates the majority of the red tape involved in a traditional application process, so gigs are easier to come by. This allows gig workers to quickly build experience in a number of professional areas very fast. It then becomes even easier to get project, part-time or full-time work in the future, with a large portfolio and a laundry list of great references.

Another great way to maximize on the new gig economy is to work with a light industrial staffing firm like The Reserves Network. Employers from the Midwest to the Southeast look to TRN to fill their machine operator jobs, construction openings, welder positions and other light industrial jobs. Contact TRN to shape your career into exactly what you want it to be.

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