Five Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout

Burnout, as defined by is the exhaustion of physical or mental strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration. Stress is a serious issue in the U.S. Studies show that 44 percent of Americans feel more stressed than they did five years ago. Much of this stress revolves around work. You have to get proactive in preventing employee burnout.

Listen to your employees

Actually taking the time to listen to your employees goes a long way to ensuring that your workers feel important. If you never take the time to get to know your employees and find out what makes them tick, then your employees are going to assume that you don’t care. This isolation and feeling of insignificance is a sure-fire way to create a frustrating work environment.

Pay attention to your team’s requests and listen to their ideas. This will not only prevent burnout, but it will generate a more conducive and productive workplace.

Provide a work-life balance

Some countries actually require employees to take vacation. When employees are given vacation days, they don’t have to resent work as much and are able to recharge their batteries from time to time. Employees who have a great work-life balance are happier and more productive.

Randomly reward your team

Sometimes a little surprise can go a long way. If your team has a great week, why surprise everyone with a catered lunch or by taking them out to a nice meal? If an employee has really impressed you lately, give them a little bonus for their hard work. Knowing that, at any time, something good could be just around the corner, will always keep spirits up and motivation high.

Promote a helpful and successful culture

Setting a precedence of teamwork and success creates an enjoyable work environment. This eliminates many of the frustrations of poor communication and office tension.


When you are honest and transparent with your employees, it increases their trust and eliminates workplace anxiety. Give your employees clear goals and a path for success and they will reward you with a positive morale and a great work ethic. Employees with a clear understanding of what they are expected to do and what they need to do to advance in their career are much less likely to experience employee burnout.

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