Don’t Sweat Your Next Career Move This Summer: Get A Temp Job!

For much of the US, the summer is just beginning to heat up. If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re searching for work instead of a spot by the pool. If you are an active job seeker this summer, consider the benefits of a temp job:


Do you know yourself as an employee? Many of us take the jobs that are offered to us throughout our careers without taking a good, hard look at what we want and where we would like to be down the road. Taking a temporary position would allow you to try something different without risk or take on a role that sheds light on the type of work you’re destined for.

Entry-level job seeker? You will also find out for the first time exactly who you are in your career so that your first full-time job is the right one.

Skill Boost

Whether you want to hone skills you already have or you would like to add new skills to your repertoire – a temporary position is a wonderful start!

In a new full time position, you may not get the training you need and you’ll be thrown in to big projects. However, staffing firms often secure job training for temp hires. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow while serving a reputable company.

If you are brand new to the workforce, this is a dynamic post-school opportunity to build your skillset.

Resume Boost

In a gap period, a temp job is better than no job, especially if you make the most of the opportunity. In this way, you will be able to speak to the skills you gained and the results you enacted for the employer in your next full time job interview.

For new grads and career-switchers, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you’re proactive about your career and chose to grow as an employee rather than take the summer off.

Network Boost

Summer jobs boost your network in two very important ways. First, you will meet many people – your manager, coworkers, and even clients or vendors – who may connect you with your next gig. Even better, your employer may look to bring you on full time once your temp period has ended. In fact, according to this infographic, 67% of employers who hire temps do indeed look at them first for new full time vacancies. 


This is summer. Whether you have children, planned vacations, or simply a penchant for soaking up the sun, flexibility is lovely. Employers may run multiple shift periods or be willing to consider more unique start and end times for your shift to accommodate your family’s needs.

We encourage you to consider these benefits when deciding whether to apply for or accept a temp job. Here at The Reserves Network, we match job seekers with the perfect temp jobs every day. We are starting to fill summer job roles all over our target area. If you are interested in being fit with your ideal summer job, work with us today!

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