Don’t Risk Hiring a Bad Fit! Do This Instead

One of the biggest fears you have as a hiring manager is hiring the wrong employee. One bad hire can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and possibly ruin your company. However, you realize that your employees are also your greatest assets and are what drives your business forward. How do you weed through all of the “not quites” to find the “just rights” on the first try?

Assess the Need for a New Hire

Many times an extra set of hands seems like a better idea than it really is. Remember to analyze your process and your resources before bringing on another hire. If a clear skill gap is evident and an extra salary would not strain the budget, then you are ready to bring on new talent.

Establish Your Absolute Must-Haves

When considering fit, you have to have a great understanding of your work needs and your company culture. Do you like to work hard and play harder, or are you a more traditional office environment? Are you looking for a less than conventional rock-star or are all of your employees client-facing and buttoned-up?

Seek Referrals First

If someone you trust can attest to the skills and fit of a candidate, then it can save the bulk of the stress of the hiring and onboarding processes.

Craft Your Perfect Posting

Your posting should be crafted around your perfect candidate. Be sure to bold your absolute needs in your posting to attract the best candidates and deter those that would not mesh well with your company culture.

Speak By Phone, Video and In Person to Get the Real Feel

Feeling out the best candidates takes all of your senses. This is why it is so important to personally hear, see and meet candidates before you bring them aboard. The employee-employer relationship is very similar to a romantic relationship in the way of courtship. You want to get the real feel before you make such an important commitment.

Focus On the Present and Future as Much as the Past

Where is this candidate in their career and where do they want to go? These simple questions can help establish whether this candidate would be the right fit for your business and whether you are just a stepping stone to them.

Gather Multiple Perspectives

When you gather multiple perspectives, it helps not only gain as many insights into the abilities and overall fit of the candidate, but it also helps eliminate bias from the hiring process.

Look At the Whole Picture

What has the entire application process told you about this candidate. Are they punctual? Do they pay attention to detail?  Have they gotten along well with the members of your team that they have met? It’s important to look at all of your candidate’s colors in order to paint the best picture.

Don’t Discredit References

These references are the only people you will speak to that can attest to a candidate’s abilities and personality other than the candidate. This can help identify red flags if there are any major discrepancies.

Another great way to ensure the best fit is to work with a trusted staffing firm. The Reserves Network has a massive pipeline of top professionals all throughout the nation. Contact TRN today for a staffing firm with national resources and local care.

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