Avoid These Four Major Recruiting Mistakes By Working With A Pro

Staffing woes are almost unavoidable. Young companies may have only been around the block once just to catch their bearings and don’t know all of the expert tips and tricks when it comes to hiring new employees. As for older, more established companies, hiring is always an immediate need to keep up the pace. The benefits of working with a staffing agency are clear, however the drawbacks may not be so evident.

Problem: Reducing candidates to lists

It’s easy when you are on a deadline to view candidates as their qualifications and accomplishments, instead of who they are as a worker and an individual. When you rate candidates by how they stack up to your list of qualifications, it makes them two dimensional.

Solution: Look below the surface

Hiring candidates who check all the boxes but don’t fit in to the company culture can lead to a lack in productivity and morale. Hire candidates who are passionate about what you do and eager to learn and grow with the company.

Problem: Poor job descriptions

A poorly written job description can attract the wrong candidates and deter the right ones.

Solution: Be realistic

Overly focusing on unrealistic or even unnecessary expectations can dry up your pool of candidates very quickly. Encourage candidates who are slightly underqualified in their experience but overqualified in their capabilities to apply. Also provide a realistic scope of “a day in the life” of this position. A poor or inaccurate job description may cause a new hire to jump ship when they realize the job wasn’t what they had expected. This can be a very costly mistake.

Problem: Negotiable salaries

Yes, candidates can have a wide range of abilities and salary expectations and it is wise to, when possible, compensate for this by leaving some wiggle room in the budget for a given position. However, when you specify this salary range right out of the gate, you are at risk limiting your candidate pool before you even get a chance to “negotiate” anything.

Solution: Don’t list a salary

If you do not have a stringent budget to stick to then don’t list a salary range. Let the candidates come to you based on the job description and the company culture. This gives you the opportunity to negotiate with candidates who may have originally considered themselves out of your price range. It also allows candidates who are confident in their abilities but may consider themselves underqualified solely based on the salary.

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