6 Reasons to Kick Your Procrastination Habit Now!

We’ve all been there. You have a deadline creeping up, but instead of finishing it over the weekend, you clean your entire house and organize your sock drawer. What we think we’re doing is taking back our freedom from work, when in reality we’re chaining ourselves to an even tighter deadline under even more pressure.

When we feel the itch to flee from our work responsibilities, we must keep in mind that the amount of time we will spend on an assignment will not change whether we do it now or later. What will change is the time you have left to complete the project adequately. When we put things off to the last minute, it changes our standards from doing an exceptional job to simply just getting it done. The way to stop procrastinating is as simple as changing your perspective.

Rushed Results

Procrastinators don’t give themselves ample time to check and double check the quality of their work. This can lead to less than stellar output. Work early and often on your projects and you may impress yourself with the results of a project that was finished early.

Stress! Stress! Stress!

Did we mention that procrastination is stressful? When you cut your timeline in half, or worse, you force yourself to function under more pressure. You have to work faster which can get sloppy and cause you to get frustrated. There is also the fear of not having enough time to finish the project, which is agonizing for any conscientious employee.

Less Control

By choosing to put off your work, you are losing control of your time and limiting yourself in the future. If management begins to notice a trend in your work being late and of low quality, you could miss out on better assignments down the line.

The Impact on Your Schedule

How many times have you had to cancel plans because of a work deadline? Did you ever think that you could have prevented that by working more diligently throughout the work week? When you procrastinate, you risk missing out on concerts, fun dates or family events because of an approaching deadline.

Always On the Go

When you wait until the last minute to complete an assignment, it forces you to be in a rush. This on-the-go lifestyle is often misconceived as a necessary part of adult life. However, if you work efficiently, you will have more time to take care of yourself. Finish your projects early so you can stop and breathe for a second before you start your next project.

It Could Cost You Your Job

If you don’t have a great performance history, your employer may choose not to accept assignments past their deadlines and you could be terminated for underperforming.

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