Returning to the Workforce with a Staffing Agency

The last year and a half has been tough on many people, especially those who unfortunately lost their jobs when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now, as federal enhanced unemployment benefits are coming to an end, you or someone you know may be looking for a job.

Regardless of circumstances, finding a job can be a difficult and lengthy process. But there is good news! Right now is a fantastic time to get a job, as companies are hiring at an all-time high. Before diving into those job applications, consider working with a staffing agency. As specialists in matching candidates with the perfect job and perfect employer quickly, staffing agencies are a great resource for any job seeker.

Here are just a few benefits to working with a staffing company as enhanced unemployment comes to an end.

Get connected to top employers in your area.

Throughout the pandemic, staffing agencies like The Reserves Network have been working with many companies who are critical suppliers and manufacturers. These businesses are still need of more employees as they look to make up for any lost production time. This means they have immediate needs that you could step into right away.

Additionally, many companies who have never worked with staffing agencies before are now turning to them for assistance.

Receive a weekly paycheck.

In most cases, employees who work through a staffing agency are paid on a weekly basis and through direct deposit. This means that, as long as you report to work on time for every shift, you’ll receive a paycheck every single week.

Gaining access to your pay quickly can help you balance bills and other financial responsibilities. This also helps soften the blow once you are no longer able to receive financial aid from the last year.

Be first in line for available opportunities.

Staffing agencies have relationships with some of your area’s best employers, sometimes exclusively. This means that you can be first in line for any open positions, because that company is only working through that staffing company.

As a bonus, your recruiter’s first and foremost priority is to match you with a job that’s right for you. They are more than willing to go to bat for you with the companies they work with. This means that you’ll have the best possible chance securing the position because you get someone in your corner right from the start.

Speed up the job search process.

Did you know people looking to enter workforce spend, on average, at least 24 weeks searching for a job? That is an incredibly long time – most likely too long to wait for those coming off unemployment.

With a staffing agency, you could be reporting for your first shift within 24-48 hours after your interview.

Learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

If you’re coming off long term unemployment, you may have considered changing your career. Working with a staffing agency is a fantastic way to do this, as many of the companies the firm works with are willing to train new employees.

A staffing agency can also help you when you need to brush up on your interview etiquette skills or polish your resume.

It’s reassuring to have someone you can trust to help you navigate the job search process, especially in these uncertain times. Contact one of the experienced recruiters at The Reserves Network today!