How to Host a Successful Virtual Job Fair

As social distancing guidelines continue, hiring managers must rethink their recruiting strategies. While large gatherings are not recommended, hosting a virtual job fair is now easier than ever as more and more people turn to video conferencing software.

Much like an in-person recruiting event, virtual job fairs require planning, preparation and marketing. Here are some helpful tips to make your next virtual hiring event a success.

Choose the right platform.

There are many options to choose from when hosting a virtual job fair. Research and decide which is best for you and your audience. Popular choices include Zoom, Facebook Live and Indeed Hiring Events. Each of these have their own specific strengths, such as cost and candidate engagement.

Selecting the right platform is critical, so it’s important to research not only what is right for you but what is most user-friendly for the job seeker.

Promote the event.

Consistency is key when marketing your virtual event. Use social media, networking groups and job boards to get the word out at least two weeks before your job fair and market heavily a few days leading up to the event. Consider adding an incentive for attending, like a gift card or prize.

Be sure to create a registration form to capture candidate information and track who you expect to attend. This will also make it easier to follow up with your attendees afterwards. Include the form link in all your marketing initiatives.

Preparation is everything.

Schedule a test run on your chosen platform a day or two before your job fair to ensure everything runs smoothly, and to get your team up to date on their roles if they are assisting you on the day of the event.

If using a video conferencing platform, consider designating someone as a greeter. This person will be responsible for welcoming all attendees as they join the meeting and assign them to break out rooms as needed. It’s important for this person to keep a smile on their face and remain professional and friendly throughout the entire event to make attendees feel welcome.

Follow up with each attendee.

After the event, go back to the registration form and send each attendee a thank you email or text; include any additional information or paperwork they may need. If there are any on the list who didn’t make it to the job fair, send them individual emails to set up another interview.

Another option is partnering with a staffing agency like The Reserves Network, who can host the event for you. We love staffing and can help improve the quality of new hires and help you achieve your hiring goals. Contact us to learn more.

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