Bored at Work? Here’s How to Make it More Fun!

Do you find yourself staring at the clock all day long, watching the minutes tick by and feeling bored out of your mind? If you’re managing to get your work done but eight hours feels like eight days, it’s time to start thinking about ways to have a little more fun throughout the day.  

Join an Office Team, Club or Activity 

No one likes “forced fun.” But how many times have you complained about joining an office event like a contest or community service project only to end up having a blast? It happens to all of us, so make an effort to join in activities and have fun with your coworkers. It will give you something to look forward to and something fun to chat about around the water cooler. 

Make Use of Your Lunch Break 

If you’re bored at work, you might decide to plug away through lunch so you can exit a little early but breaks are important for recharging your batteries. If you’re not taking lunch breaks, start doing so and incorporate something fun into the break. Whether it’s shopping, going to the gym, playing trivia with some coworkers or even sitting outside reading a book, get your mind off work and treat yourself to some downtime.  


Even if you work all alone in a windowless room for eight hours, something funny happens at work every day. Instead of focusing on your misery, make it your mission to laugh throughout the workday and to make other people laugh along with you. Obviously, you should stick to office-appropriate comedy, but don’t be afraid to get a little silly now and then. 

Get Up and Move 

No one can be expected to sit in the same chair for eight hours a day and be comfortable and remain focused. Take short breaks throughout the day and get up and move around. Take a walk to say hi to a colleague across the building, do a lap around the outside of the building – the destination doesn’t matter. Just get up, get your blood flowing and get a change of scenery. 

Listen to Music  

Pop your earbuds in and listen to uplifting music throughout the day. If you can’t concentrate while music is playing, try vocalfree styles like jazz, classical, movie scores, etc. It can be a great way to lift your mood and help you stay focused on your tasks, rather than how bored you feel.  

Look for a New Job  

It’s natural to feel bored at work every now and then, but if your job is simply not challenging you and you’ve been bored for more than a few weeks straight, it could be time to search for a better opportunity. 

Looking For A Great New Job?

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