How to Write a Resume that Hiring Managers Will Love!

Your resume is a hiring manager’s first introduction to you, so it is important to hit the right notes. It takes talented hiring managers mere seconds to determine whether your resume is worth a closer look. Use these tips to create a resume hiring managers will love.

Update Your Achievements

Outdated achievements will not impress a hiring manager. It is important to continually update your resume with impressive, recent achievements that show how you add value.  Make note of successful projects, successfully-met goals, new responsibilities and skills, certifications, etc. and include them on your resume.

Include Metrics

Don’t list out your past job responsibilities – hiring managers can infer what you did based on job title. Whenever possible, focus on your achievements and leverage verifiable metrics to show your value. For example, don’t say, “Moved all record keeping from paper to digital.” Say, “Led the initiative to digitize recordkeeping, saving the company over $70,000 annually in printing costs.”

Cut Out Unnecessary Information

It can be uncomfortable to cut things out of your resume, but it must be a concise document. Remove skills that are outdated and no longer relevant to your line of work. Next, cut out any jobs that are more than ten years old – unless you’ve been working the same job for that time. Then, go through and ensure that you are using concise bullet points rather than writing lengthy paragraphs.

Tailor Each Resume

If you are using the exact same resume for every application, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Each resume should be tailored to the job, using keywords taken directly from the job posting. This paints the picture that you are well-suited for the job and ensures that your resume will be scored highly by employers’ automated resume scanners.


Even if your job does not require you to communicate in writing, employers will be turned off by a resume that includes spelling errors, grammatical errors or typos. Have at least two other people read your resume before you apply to a job to ensure it is error-free.

Are You Looking For a New Job?

Most people do not enjoy writing resumes, but they are a necessary and important document. Spending time crafting a great resume is an investment in your future. If you partner with a staffing firm, don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter for help. If you are looking for a new job, The Reserves Network can help. Browse our current job openings or contact us to learn more today.


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