Five Employment Trends You’ll See This Year

At the start of a new year, it’s important to take stock of the business trends on the horizon – especially when it comes to employment. HR and recruiting evolve at a rapid pace, and while things can vary from industry to industry, there are five important trends that will impact all businesses in all niches.

A Tight Employment Market

Unemployment is at historic lows, and while this is excellent news for the economy and for workers, it creates a struggle for businesses.  Engaging in outdated recruiting strategies means losing candidates in a tight market. Not only should employers deploy more modern sourcing tactics and put more focus on recruiting passive candidates, they should also develop comprehensive and in-demand benefits like remote work, top-tier salaries, training and advancement opportunities and robust healthcare packages.

Continued Uncertainty in Health Insurance

Offering comprehensive healthcare insurance is critical in this environment – there is a great deal of uncertainty in the healthcare market, and employees want to know they have access to solid benefits. A great benefits package shows employees that you care about what is important to them.

HR Technology Changes

Paper is virtually a tool of the past in HR, as most systems are now digital. However, HR tech will continue to advance at a rapid pace this year. Look for greater incorporation of automation and artificial intelligence in the recruitment process and for greater interconnectivity between HR systems. HR pros should keep an eye on tech trends so they are poised to take advantage of every new development.

Zero-Tolerance For Sexual Harassment

Most companies tout a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment, but the #MeToo movement has empowered more women and men to speak up about their experiences and to demand change from employers. Sexual harassment training and policies should be updated, communicated and implemented uniformly to protect both employees and your organization.

Changes In Data Privacy

Massive corporate hacking scandals have been making headlines for years, but public attitudes are shifting when it comes to data security and data privacy. People are more tuned in to how their data is used and how the companies they work with protect their information. Internal policies and external policies should be updated and IT teams should prioritize security. Many experts also predict there will be greater regulation by the federal government when it comes to data privacy and security, so deploying new standards now will ensure compliance tomorrow.

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