Developing These Skills Can Get You Hired Faster in 2019

Hiring managers often look for two distinct sets of skills while reviewing a candidate’s job application: hard and soft.

“While soft skills are more difficult to teach and measure, they are just as important for career success, “ suggests Marilyn Szendrey, branch manager at The Reserves Network. “Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder or get a new job, developing in-demand skills can get you shortlisted for attractive job openings. While hard skills include industry-specific knowledge or experience, soft-skills are intangible and self-developed.”

Get noticed by hiring mangers by knowing how to execute the job while working with others, managing your time and organizing your work. Here are 10 leading attributes that help you stand out from the competition this new year.


  1. Drive and Grit

Initiative and resilience count as exceptional soft skills. They help you navigate difficult situations – rising to every occasion shows your ability to transform setbacks into successes.


  1. Self-Awareness

Employers look out for conscientious and motivated individuals who take pride in putting forward their best work while knowing how to work through their weaknesses.


  1. Communication Skills

Outstanding communication skills is one of the leading traits that can help you get hired quickly. This is verbal communication, such as an in-person interview, and written communication, like an email response or after-interview thank-you note.


  1. Accountability

Hiring managers prefer those who genuinely care about the end result. Be the person who sees projects through to the end, not just when your part is over.


  1. Tenacity

Tenacious employees possess the ability to overcome problems without giving in to pressure.


  1. Empathy

You should be able to relate to others—including customers, coworkers and other stakeholders—and build relationships based on trust.


  1. Ingenuity and Problem-Solving

Recruiters increasingly look for candidates with a willingness to think outside the box and display a creative approach to problem-solving.


  1. Planning and Organizational Skills

Exceptional planning and organizational skills helps promote overall efficiency – the ability to keep track of even the smallest details will get you far.


  1. Adaptability

In the face of changing technology, candidates who adapt quickly to evolving workplace and industry needs stand a higher chance of getting hired.


  1. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand other people’s feelings is a key factor in working as a team player.


Hiring Managers Want a Blend of Hard and Soft Skills

Recruiters are increasingly looking out for candidates who offer a combination of technical expertise coupled with a range of critical soft skills. While education and experience can help you get an interview, hiring managers place a high value on soft skills including time management, communication and empathy. What’s more, you should highlight critical soft skills in your resume and showcase them during your interview. An experienced recruiter can help you identify and bridge gaps in skills to improve your chances of getting hired quickly.

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