5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

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After a long, hard search, you’ve been offered a reasonable job. Congratulations! There are few things more satisfying than knowing your diligence is paying off.

But what if the position doesn’t feel quite right? What if you don’t have the information you feel you need before accepting a full-time offer? What if you simply need time to think it through?

“No business owner expects an immediate answer when it comes to employment,” said Mara Rice, recruiting specialist at The Reserves Network. “Many of them appreciate that you care enough to ask questions, conduct research, and truly consider the notion of working for their company.”

Instead of jumping the gun, take a few days to consider these five factors before accepting your job offer. 

The Company

For many potential employees, the most important factor in choosing what company to work for is reputation. What values does this company promote to its target audience? Do you feel these values align with your personal beliefs? If they don’t, you could find yourself job hunting once more in a few months. 

The Position

The single most important question when it comes to accepting a job offer is if you feel comfortable and satisfied in the position. If not, there’s little point in pursuing the job. Ultimately, you’ll leave as soon as you find something that better matches your expectations.

If you aren’t sure how you feel about the position, ask for an opportunity to shadow a current employee in a similar job. Few business owners will deny you the opportunity to learn more about your day-to-day activities and responsibilities. 

Benefits and Perks

Every business comes with a unique set of perks, including but not limited to affordable health insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation, sick leave, life and disability insurance, and stock options.

These benefits can represent 30 percent or more of your total compensation package. If the benefits aren’t worth the pay, you might want to reconsider accepting the offer. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, benefits aren’t up for negotiation. 

Base Salary

Unlike benefits, individual candidates can negotiate their base salary. The best way to see if your employer is willing to offer some wiggle room on pay is scheduling an additional appointment with the hiring manager. Approach the subject lightly, but firmly, like this:

“I appreciate the offer and am interested in accepting, but I have some questions about salary. I did some research, and the average salary for this position in the U.S. is $50,000. You offered $30,000. I was hoping we could meet somewhere in the middle.” 

Workplace Culture

Looking outside the financial perspective, did you feel comfortable in the work environment? Have you even seen the work environment? If not, it might be time to schedule a tour. Seeing your potential coworkers on the job will help you determine how your personality and value system match with the company interested in hiring you. 

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