The Reserves Network Celebrates 2018 National Staffing Employee Week

The Reserves Network, a leading staffing provider for the office, industrial, professional and technical markets, is joining staffing agencies from across the nation in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 24-30.

Established by the American Staffing Association, this commemorative week honors the millions of temporary and contract employees working for the US staffing agencies each week.

“National Staffing Employee Week provides a great opportunity to highlight the contributions our employees make toward the nation’s economy and workforce,” says Neil Stallard, CEO of The Reserves Network. “We are indebted to them for the dedication and effort they give in their vocations on a daily basis.”

The Reserves Network is celebrating this week by honoring its National Staffing Employee Stars, which are designated staff selected by each of the company’s offices and on-site locations who have put forth an exemplary performance in the workplace. This year, over 50 winners are being recognized with a certificate and monetary prize.

5 Steps to Take When Your Employee Isn’t Working Out

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Have you hired an employee that just isn’t working out? You’ve noticed consistent underperformance, and you don’t know how to move forward.

Here are five steps you should take to handle a consistently underperforming employee: 


  1. Discuss Expectations

 Start by scheduling a private, one-on-one meeting with the employee in question. Don’t delegate the meeting to someone beneath you. You’ll risk sending the message that you don’t consider the matter important enough for a personal discussion. At that point, your employee might pass the conversation off as the whim of lower management. Make it clear this order is coming from the top.

Once in the meeting, be upfront. Tell your employee you’ve noticed underperformance and you’d like to see improvement. Begin your conversation by going through a detailed list of expectations. You might be surprised to find how much your employee doesn’t know. 


  1. Create an Improvement Plan

Next, create a roadmap to improvement. You don’t want this meeting to be a slap on the wrist. You’ve noticed consistent performance issues, and this needs to be remedied as soon as possible. Come up with a detailed list of clear, manageable goals that will push your employee toward boosted productivity and stronger performance ratings. 


  1. Provide Constructive Feedback

Throughout your meeting, be positive. Give your employee an opportunity to relearn expectations, set goals, and hear constructive feedback before passing judgement on their skill or character. Many employees struggle during the first few weeks in a new place. 


  1. Consider External Factors

Somewhere during your meeting, it’s important that you ask your employee what, if anything, is contributing to poor work performance. There could be a temporary situation outside the workplace, such as relationship bumps, switching homes, a new child, or family illness.

If your employee has a legitimate reason to be out-of-focus at work, consider giving them some paid time-off. This gift would come with the expectation that sharp focus will return after the break.

If you can’t offer vacation time, make it clear that you understand and hope performance will improve once the situation is remedied. After two or three weeks, if the employee still hasn’t improved, it might be time to have a more serious conversation. 


  1. Be Prepared for Termination

Unfortunately, your employee may not improve, even after you’ve taken these steps. In that case, be prepared for termination. It’s a difficult and unavoidable part of being a manager, but your work environment and bottom line will improve because of it. 

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3 Reasons Community Involvement Can Improve Employee Engagement

The Reserves Network


Have you ever considered investing time and energy in the community through your company? Community service might seem like an individual decision, but it can actually boost engagement with your employees and improve your work environment.

According to a recent survey of employed adults between the ages of 21 and 35, those who regularly participate in workplace volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career.

Here are three reasons why: 


It’s an important cycle that can seriously improve company morale and bring new customers through your door. Volunteer opportunities for companies include connecting with a neighborhood school, organizing and holding a fundraising event for a local homeless shelter, or getting involved in a community garden. 


Effective managers give their team members plenty of opportunities to prove their value and excel beyond expectations. When employees are interested in taking a leadership role, they take advantage of these opportunities—often being the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Investing time in your community beyond your day job, volunteering on useful projects, and centering your attention on new activities can foster new professional skills and sharpen others. For example, your employees might improve in fundraising, mentoring, managing teams, organizing projects, building presentations, and speaking in public.

Sometimes community service is simply a chance to give back to other local businesses and important causes. But it can also bring out the best in your employees and point to clear promotions. 


While you should never require employees to get involved in community service outside of work hours, having the option can boost participation and passion on both sides of your company walls.

It’s easier than ever before to incentivize volunteering, encouraging your employees to spend their Saturday morning in a community garden, running a soup kitchen, or raising money for a good cause.

For example, you can provide paid time off, assign leadership roles, offer multiple volunteer options, or reward good deeds through public recognition. Eventually, your employees will get involved because they want to be, as community service is often enjoyable and fun.

All of this can drastically increase team engagement and participation. Employees that can collaborate outside of work can certainly collaborate inside. You might even find your team discussing and planning their next outing during work hours. 

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Next Hiring Event in Brunswick

As part of our weekly hiring event series, The Reserves Network in Brunswick, OH is hosting open interviews focusing on 1st and 2nd shift power equipment testers, as well as picker/packer positions!

Thursday, September 27
9 AM to 3 PM

3917 Center Road
Brunswick, OH  44212

  1. Outdoor Power Equipment Testers
    • 1st or 2nd shift available!
    • No experience required
  2. Picker/Packer
    • Full- or part-time available
    • located in Strongsville

Can’t join us on the 27th? Don’t worry! We are hosting these events each Thursday – join us for future open interviews soon! Call us at (330) 273-2600 for more information.

Weekly Hiring Event in Brunswick

The Reserves Network’s Brunswick, OH office is hosting weekly open interviews every Thursday! This week, we’re highlighting two positions: parts catcher and part-time file clerk. Join us to learn more:

Thursday, September 20
9 AM to 3 PM

3917 Center Road
Brunswick, OH  44212

  • Parts Catcher
    located in Brunswick, $12/hour with overtime
  • Part-Time File Clerk
    located in Medina, entry level position – no experience required! $10-12/hr.

Call us for more information: (330) 273-2600.

The Reserves Network Wins 15th Northcoast 99

The Reserves Network, a regional staffing service for the office, industrial, professional and technical markets, has won its 15th NorthCoast 99 award, recognizing the organization as one of the best workplaces in Northeast Ohio.

NorthCoast 99 is an annual recognition program that honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. The program was developed and is presented by the Employers Resource Council (ERC). ERC is Northeast Ohio’s leading and largest professional organization dedicated to HR practices, programs and services. The program rates companies according to their policies and practices on seven core organizational characteristics: flexibility, opportunity, recognition, development, security, support and talent integrity.

The comprehensive NorthCoast 99 application can take up to 40 hours to complete, and also requires top performers from each company to participate in an online survey about their workplaces. To be eligible, an organization must be at least three years old and employ at least 15 full-time equivalent employees in Northeast Ohio.

“We are honored to be the recipient of the NorthCoast 99 award once again,” says Neil Stallard, CEO. “This is a strong testament to the great staff we have and the efforts they put forth each day.”

See the full list of this year’s NC99 winners.

How to Succeed in the Knowledge Economy

The Reserves Network


Our economy is constantly changing, making room for new skills and industries that support improvements in technology and infrastructure. The knowledge economy, in specific, is known for the use of knowledge to generate products and services.

To thrive in this economy, there are a variety of skills you’ll need to learn and polish. Here are some of the most common: 


Communication is a critical skill for nearly everyone in the new economy. If employees can’t speak clearly, be honest, and encourage a tight-knit community, they’ll often work against one another without realizing it.

With so much information changing hands throughout the workday, effective written and oral communication has become more important than ever. 

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is the ability to use general technology like computers, smartphones, and tablets. You should also be able to complete simple tasks on these devices, such as managing emails and using software to build reports.

For most young workers, these skills feel like second-nature. For older workers, they seem challenging, at best. The technology and software you need to understand may differ based on your industry, so focus on positions that play to your strengths. 

Lifelong Learning

These days, physical labor isn’t enough to guarantee long-term employment. Many companies encourage and even require lifelong learning, specifically hiring people who show an interest in continuing their education and mastering new skills.

Sometimes, management will invest in online tutorials, face-to-face courses, or experiences that will help employees improve their knowledge base. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you’ll drastically improve your chances of being promoted. 

Problem Solving

As we’ve just entered the information age, there aren’t published manuals outlining the answers to every possible problem you might encounter at work. Employees in the knowledge economy are required to use their skills to solve real-world problems in real time.

You might use gathered data, conduct research, or build a solution with code. Whatever the case, being unable to solve problems without the assistance of your manager will not make a good impression. 

Certifications and Upgrades

While degrees are still important, there are other ways to highlight your knowledge. Certificate programs are short and straightforward, providing training for highly specific skills. You might earn a certificate in healthcare, business, administration, or management.

Certificate programs aren’t free, but they’re usually more affordable than college courses. Your employee may also reimburse tuition if you successfully complete a course related to your current position. 

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The Reserves Network Opens New Location in Jacksonville

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Jacksonville community,” says Summer Schwarzer, regional director. “As The Reserves Network continues to develop our relationships with businesses and job candidates throughout Florida and Georgia, opening a new office in this growing market was a logical choice.”

Read full release…

Open Interviews This Thursday

The Reserves Network’s Brunswick, Ohio branch is hosting open interviews at their branch!

Thursday, September 13
9 AM to 3 PM

3917 Center Road
Brunswick, OH  44212

We are looking for Pickers in the Strongsville area, General Warehouse in Brunswick, and General Labor candidates in Medina – no experience required!

Snacks will be offered upon arrival in our branch. Give us a call for more information: (330) 273-2600.

6 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Land a Job Interview


The job seeking process can be exhausting, frustrating, and anxiety-ridden. With the assistance of a staffing agency, you can more quickly schedule interviews related to your skill set and land an impressive job that meets your expectations.

Here are six reasons why a staffing agency is better equipped to help you land a quality interview: 

Community Connections

Staffing agencies have strong relationships with local companies who trust their judgment. Indeed, some businesses never share job openings with the public, choosing instead to turn to their partner in hiring. Since these positions can’t be found online, a staffing agency is predisposed to locating opportunities you cannot. 

Marketing Your Talent

Even if a staffing agency doesn’t have an open position that matches your skill set, a good recruiter will keep your resume handy. Many agencies guarantee marketing assistance, sharing your information with interested businesses and calling you when the right position comes up. 

Resume Refinement

Experienced recruiters will help you refine and polish your resume. They will also keep you committed to your job search, even when you feel like giving up. When you choose an agency, you get professional assistance without paying a dime. 

Useful Resources

In addition to one-on-one assistance, you’ll gain access to useful resources like newsletters, pamphlets, and computer programs related to your industry. Depending on the focus of your staffing agency, you could have several chances to improve your skills while waiting for the right interview to come along. 

Interview Coaching

Once you land an interview, your recruiter will often schedule a meeting for interview coaching. In this meeting, you’ll be formally introduced to the company. You’ll also get a strong idea of what to expect during your official interview, especially if your recruiter has a history with the business in question.

Some recruiters, after speaking to former candidates, are able to piece together a point-by-point interview that shockingly resembles the real thing. 

Quality Placement

Have you ever been forced to accept a job offer you didn’t like, simply because there was nothing else on the market? With a staffing agency, you’ll have more opportunities for quality employment. Experienced recruiters always vet their businesses to ensure their employees will be treated with respect and guaranteed proper benefits.

For this reason, you shouldn’t just expect more interviews when you pair with a staffing agency. You should expect better quality from them. Rather than wasting your time, you’ll have options. There aren’t many go-it-alone job seekers that can say the same thing. 

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