Skills vs. Requirements: How to Highlight Both in a Job Posting

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When the right job seeker comes across your job posting, you obviously want that person to turn into a potential candidate. This only happens with a job description that has the right information; otherwise, you won’t compel them to hit the “Apply Now” button.

“A job posting with comprehensive information on skills and requirements provides a clear snapshot of the demands and nature of the position,” notes Debra Lightfritz, recruiting manager at The Reserves Network. “This ensures that potential candidates can capture the core responsibilities, skills and tasks involved in the job.”

Here are a few steps you can follow to highlight the skills and requirements of a position on your next job posting.


  1. Summarize the Job

The job overview is usually written in paragraph form and talks about what potential applicants can expect from the job on a daily basis. You want to write for actual people here—none of that “the right candidate” or “applicant” nonsense. This ensures the job overview is easier to relate to and feels personal.

You also want your summary to be specific. Instead of writing, “You will be in charge of sales and meeting clients,” write something more descriptive, such as, “You will make cold calls, set client appointments, prepare sales reports, and interact with clients on a daily basis.”


  1. Give a Rundown of Responsibilities

Bring the reader’s attention to the five most important responsibilities of the job. Use bullet points to make it easier for job seekers to scan through their potential duties. Again, be specific so applicants will know what they can expect from the role.


  1. Set Expectations for Skills and Requirements

By now, the right job seekers should be excited about your job opportunity. The question on their minds is whether or not they are qualified. Again, use bullet points to make it easy for readers to scan through this part of the job posting.

Start by listing the core skills of the job, or the skills that are absolutely necessary for an employee to carry out their responsibilities. Finish this off with a list of preferred skills, or the skills that may not be required but are still highly desired in an applicant.

Next are your requirements, which include work experience, training, certifications and additional education.

Remember: every skill and requirement you add to your job posting narrows the scope of candidates who are qualified for the job. Focus on the skills and requirements that matter the most.

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