The Essential Skills Employers Take for Granted

Essential Skills

  5 Leadership Styles that Improve the Manager-Employee Relationship from ReservesNetwork Graphic designers are experts in graphic design. Programmers know how to code. Marketers understand how to promote their organizations. These skills are also known as “hard skills”—specific abilities that can be taught to employees and measured, such as math, reading, the ability to use… Read More »

Skills vs. Requirements: How to Highlight Both in a Job Posting

  When the right job seeker comes across your job posting, you obviously want that person to turn into a potential candidate. This only happens with a job description that has the right information; otherwise, you won’t compel them to hit the “Apply Now” button. “A job posting with comprehensive information on skills and requirements… Read More »

Follow These 5 Tips to Customize Your Resume for the Job

  Your resume is the single most important document in your job search arsenal. Naturally, you want it to grab a hiring manager’s attention and show him/her that you’re the perfect person for the job. According to Janet Incerto, director of recruiting at Summit Technical, an affiliate of The Reserves Network, “Resume customization has grown… Read More »

Why Storytelling Matters in Your Interview

  Here’s the thing about job interviews: while it’s obviously important to have the skills and experience to be considered for the job, you also want to succeed at building rapport with the interviewer. One of the best ways to do that is by weaving a story that will help the hiring manager connect the… Read More »