Finding and Working with a Phenomenal Direct Placement Recruiter

Finding and Working with a Phenomenal Direct Placement Recruiter


Hiring is hard. That’s why many companies turn to direct placement recruiters, whose services supplement the internal efforts of their clients. The right recruiter can identify your staffing needs, spot gaps in the workforce, and launch a targeted and efficient search for qualified candidates.

“Recruiters also screen potential employees, ensuring that any candidates processed for interviewing meet the requirements of a given position and match your company’s culture,” adds Christie Rusk, senior direct placement recruiter at The Reserves Network.

So, how do you find a recruiter or agency you can trust?

What Kind of Staffing Assistance Do You Need?

Determine whether your staffing needs require long- or short-term assignments, permanent job placements, or some kind of combination. This will allow you to narrow down your search to a shortlist of recruiters specializing in your industry and type of employees for which you’re seeking.

Shop for Options

Direct placement recruiters come in all shapes and sizes. The best place to start your search is on the Internet. Once you’ve found at least five companies worth considering, you can proceed to:

  • Look for references.
  • Ask about their fees/rates.
  • Inquire about their turnover rate among account executives, office staff, and client support staff.
  • Request a site visit so they can get a feel for your company culture and meet with your leadership.
  • Arrange for a presentation to assess the recruiter’s game plan for your staffing needs.

Observe Your Interactions and Remember Your First Impressions

 Your initial telephone call or email exchange with a placement recruiter speaks volumes of their management practices and approach to staffing. Remember that like any other company, staffing firms are employers. How they interact with and manage their own employees will affect the quality of the talent they refer to your offices. It only makes sense to deal with a reliable and professional firm.

Understand the Firm’s Recruitment and Retention Methods

Don’t be afraid to ask about the company’s practices and techniques.

  • Do they maintain a database of active job seekers?
  • What about passive candidates?
  • What’s their track record of retaining placed employees?
  • What kind of skills tests and training do they provide candidates?

Bottom line? Ask questions and do as much homework as you can to get a detailed picture.

Make Sure the Firm Knows Exactly What You Need

A direct placement recruiter must have a large enough database of active and passive job seekers to meet your specific staffing needs. More importantly, the firm should be willing to work closely with your leadership and internal recruitment team to come up with detailed job descriptions and understand what kind of individuals will fit in with your corporate culture.

For more information about what a direct placement recruiter can do for you, talk to the staffing specialists of The Reserves Network. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about how our recruitment solutions can help you.


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