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Join The Reserves Network and Archway Marketing THIS THURSDAY for a job fair featuring labeler, material handler, and picker positions!

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Thursday, February 1
12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

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Who Should be Managing Your Gen Z Employees?

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Is your company ready for the next generation of employees?

And no, they’re not Millennials, or those born in the 80s and 90s, reaching adulthood after 2000. We’re talking about Generation Z—individuals born between 1998 and 2016. That means the oldest Z-ers are just entering their 20s this year. In fact, many of them might have applied for work in your organization.

While much has been said about the reputation of Millennials in the workplace (from being apathetic, entitled, and needing to belong), little is known about Generation Z. The good news is Millennials and Generation Z have many things in common, such as their affinity for technology, their focus on career growth and a need for a sense of purpose.

And that means Millennials are the perfect people to manage Gen Z-ers. With that being said, how exactly can Millennial managers handle this generation of employees?


  1. Create Strong Relationships

Generation Z-ers respond better to strong leaders handling small teams. But they don’t want to be talked down to either, because more than anything, they desire to be a part of a team that has direction and is doing something worthwhile. They want to have genuine relationships with their leaders, who they expect to teach as much as lead.


  1. Shower Them With Feedback

Annual performance reviews are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and Gen Z-ers will be one of many factors driving it. Like Millennials, Gen Z-ers hate­ being left in the dark. Their constant access to communication and social media means they expect feedback that’s constant and more importantly, fast.


  1. Provide Shorter Communication

Also because of social media, Gen Z-ers prefer quick and bite-size information instead of lengthy messages. They have neither the patience nor attention span for lengthy meetings and daily interdepartmental memos. If it can be sent electronically, ideally through an app, all the better.

And just because Gen Z-ers have shorter attention spans doesn’t mean they can’t do their jobs or aren’t paying attention. On the contrary, younger individuals have adjusted to the abundance of information they receive daily and know how to sort and remember critical data using technology and memory.


  1. Provide Interpersonal and Communication Training

Gen-Z employees will need more training to develop their interpersonal and communication skills. Many of these potential employees have grown up seeing the world through their computer or smartphone screens, so they may need some guidance on how to handle real-life, customer-facing situations.


  1. Provide Paths to Career Advancement

Generation Z employees are all about opportunity. If you want them to thrive and stay motivated, it’s important to show them your company is invested in their growth and advancement. This will show them their dream position is right within your organization waiting for them.

Generation Z workers are a challenging and complex set, but they’re not impossible to manage, especially if a millennial is in charge. If you’re having problems recruiting Gen Z-ers, call the staffing services experts of The Reserves Network for assistance.


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Win the Talent War by Implementing these 3 Workforce Management Strategies

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In the ever-changing workplace, it is important to look at the latest developments in employee recruitment and retention, evaluating how these will shape the future of workforce management.

For years, many organizations have managed to get away with the practice of aggressively recruiting people vs. developing internal talent. Suffice to say this approach will no longer work in the years to come as competition for top-notch employees will become more pronounced, especially in specialized fields where they have more options.

Simply put, it’s only a matter of time until companies find it harder and harder to recruit and replace top talent without having to spend an excessive amount of time and resources. Listed below are three measures that will help you protect your organization from this talent war.


  1. Make Self-Education Accessible to Employees

 Most people learn more effectively when it happens in response to an immediate challenge or need. This is counter to the usual practice of most companies, which schedule learning activities for employees en masse.
What your organization can do is make training and development resources available and customizable to employees whenever and wherever they need it. Moreover, your staff will also appreciate the freedom to make informed choices according to how they see fit. This kind of on-demand learning helps train and educate employees as the individuals they are.


  1. Reframe the Meaning of Success

For years, the prevailing idea of success for employees is getting a raise and/or getting a promotion. While these certainly fall within the definition of career achievements, they are not the only way to define success—otherwise, no one will be satisfied until they move to senior executive positions and get pay upgrades.

Revisit the definition of a “successful employee” as someone who not only has high potential, but who also does high-value work, no matter what level of the corporate ladder they’re on. In effect, this ties employee satisfaction to how valued they feel in the workplace.


  1. Outline the Tools and Path to Success

Many employees today don’t have a clear picture of what it takes to advance their careers. Much of this has to do with the transparency of career tracks and how employees can get promotions or other career opportunities.

One solution is to nurture a culture of mentorship, where top performers in high-value jobs help guide junior employees to acquire the skills, experiences and qualities needed to handle their responsibilities. This ensures that employees know what it takes to be successful and prepare accordingly.

For more actionable insights on workforce management, get in touch with the staffing services experts of The Reserves Network. Call our offices to learn more about our recruitment and talent management solutions.


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The Reserves Network to Host Open House in New Location

The Reserves Network’s East Norriton office, which recently relocated from Lansdale, is hosting a community open house in their new location on Friday, Jan. 26 from 3-6 p.m.

At the event, attendees can expect to meet the office team, which has over 75 years combined experience in the staffing industry, consisting of John Vagnoni, regional director; Ty Walker, branch manager; Colleen Collins, staffing supervisor; Michael Hennessy, account manager; Gary Fuisz, technical recruiter. Visitors may also enjoy drinks, refreshments and a complimentary door prize.

The East Norriton office is the first to operate as both The Reserves Network and Summit Technical, which specializes in providing contract staffing services for engineering, software and professional design. Because of this, the Pennsylvania branch can provide office, industrial and professional temporary, temp-to-hire and direct staffing support through the fully-functioning TRN office.

Job seekers and businesses needing staffing services can contact the East Norriton office at 610.233.1204 or

About The Reserves Network
Founded in 1984, The Reserves Network provides staffing services to the office, industrial, professional and technical markets. The company places nearly 20,000 employees at its more than 40 operating locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, and works with customers nationwide. This includes temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire placements in a wide variety of professional fields and trades. Headquartered in Fairview Park, Ohio, the family and veteran-owned company has received multiple honors for outstanding sales growth, management excellence and customer service.

Recruitment Event Ohio Means Jobs

Join The Reserves Network and Ohio Means Jobs on Wednesday, Jan. 17 for a recruitment event featuring assembly, machine operator, warehouse, and office positions!

60 Public Square
Medina, OH  44256

Wednesday, Jan. 17
9 AM to 11 AM

If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please email us at or call us at (330)273-2600.

Start the New Year Strong by Adopting These 4 Recruiting Practices

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As the job market continues to become more competitive and qualified candidates gain greater leverage over where they want to take their talents, your company needs to better refine your recruitment processes to make them more efficient, productive, and pleasant for both your human resources (HR) department and candidates. What better time to evaluate your hiring processes than at the beginning of a new year?

Listed below are four strategies you can adopt to improve your recruiting process for the new year.

Make Your Job Descriptions Clearer

“Less-flashy, more accurate” is the way to go with your job descriptions these days. By clearly defining the responsibilities of the role, candidates will have a faster and easier time figuring out if their skills and experience match the role.

  • Start with the job title. Avoid using unnecessary adjectives like “rock star” or “awesome,” as well as suspicious click bait titles like “awesome opportunity for fresh grads.”
  • Next, aim for a clear job description that accurately outlines the role and its responsibilities. The more specific your description, the more likely it will resonate with the right person you’re looking for. Remember that every requirement under your job description limits the number of people who can apply for the job, so focus on your most important requirements.

Take Advantage of Your Latent Internal Network

You know people. Your HR department knows people. Your employees know people. Before engaging in a lengthy recruitment campaign, start a little closer to home first.

  • If you have just hired fresh graduates, they may know skilled people they can refer to your company.
  • They may also know passive candidates who are already employed but may be enticed to bite at the right offer from the right employer.

Make Small Things More Efficient

Each level of the recruitment process has several areas that can be optimized for efficiency.

  • Start with standard processes. Organize these into checklists to make activities like interview preparation and screening calls more organized and productive.
  • Use email templates. There’s a time and place for personalized messages, but a significant portion of your emails will do just fine with templates—referral requests, interview invites, and interview feedback are worth putting into templates.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Answer potential candidates’ questions by having a comprehensive careers page and FAQ section that covers everything they need to know about:

  • Your company
  • What you do
  • Your corporate culture
  • Who you’re looking for

Another area you can improve is the length of your application process. The faster your application processes, the more attractive your company becomes to job seekers.

Follow this blog for more workforce management guides and insights. If you’re having issues with your recruitment processes, let the staffing services experts of The Reserves Network help you! Contact us to learn more about our recruitment solutions.


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4 Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Agency in the New Year

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Now that 2017 is in the rearview mirror, now is as good a time as any to look at your business processes and see where you can make changes to improve efficiency. For starters, when was the last time you looked at your recruitment processes? Are they getting you the best talent out there? Have your recruits actually stuck around?

If you answered no, it may be time to consider working with a staffing agency heading into the new year. Staffing agencies offer the most efficient way to find candidates who aren’t just qualified for a role but are actually a contextual fit for that position and the company that offers it.

If you’re still not convinced, below are four reasons to partner with a staffing agency like The Reserves Network this year:

Access to Passive Candidates

Staffing agencies can connect your company with passive candidates, or people who already have jobs but are still open to opportunities. Agency consultants talk to candidates every day, some of whom are employed but might be waiting for the right opportunity (or employer) to come along.

Holistic Understanding of Candidates

Working with an agency will help you attract candidates whose motivations align with what your company is doing or offers to workers. Often, candidates will say what they think hiring managers want to hear in a job interview, largely because they only have one chance to win a job. In contrast, agencies build relationships with candidates, which means they get to understand what makes them tick, what their motivations are, and what they’re looking for in an employer.

Time Savings

It’s not exactly a secret that the recruitment process takes time. Aside from having to interview several busy candidates, you have to consider each level of the recruitment process, including sorting through applications, conducting phone screenings, reference checking, and interviews. An agency takes care of all these processes, allowing you to focus on running your business and onboarding recruits.

Fill Up Temporary Positions Right Away

If your company often has a need for temp jobs (especially during the holidays), staffing agencies offer a way to fill these positions ASAP. With their database of candidates ready to start right away, these agencies can provide a shortlist of potential recruits for temp jobs of any length of time.

Note that these are just a few of the many benefits offered by staffing agencies. For more actionable insights on recruitment workforce management, get in touch with the staffing services experts of The Reserves Network. Call our offices to learn more about our recruitment and talent management solutions.


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