5 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates

5 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates


While companies are always on the lookout for hungry job seekers just waiting for the opportunity to start working, many organizations often ignore the potential of passive candidates. They fail to realize the best candidates may not be looking for work at all.

Although passive candidates are often happily employed people, they may express interest in the right opportunity should it come along. Your job is to provide that opportunity. Here’s how to do it:


Bring Attention to Your Company Culture


Employed or not, people are naturally curious. When we hear something interesting or odd is going on in another company, we can’t help but want to know what it is.
This is true when recruiting passive candidates. More often than not, today’s workers are more interested in a company’s culture rather than the dollar figure they get each month. Instead of approaching passive candidates with this information yourself, you want your employees to do it for you.

When your people believe in the company, its vision and culture, they’ll be more than happy to act as your champions and build your employer brand for you.


Be Active on Twitter and Facebook


Although LinkedIn brands itself as the social network for professionals, actively listen on Facebook and Twitter to take advantage of their reach.

For starters, you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search function to find relevant hashtags and the people who use them. Looking for a graphic designer? Run a search for #graphicdesign to look for interesting links shared by working graphic designers.

You can then follow people who share original insights as a way of softly introducing your company. As you like and share their tweets and Facebook posts, they’ll naturally feel compelled to click on your profile and see what you do.


Be Considerate


While it’s important to introduce your company to passive job seekers, you want to do it in the most natural way possible. People don’t like random cold calls, nor do they like being followed on social media.

Find an opportunity to introduce your company in a relevant way, whether it’s through a group or club membership, an industry event, or even a mutual acquaintance. 

Get more recruitment tips and insights by following this blog. If you need help looking for passive candidates, let the staffing services specialists of The Reserves Network connect you with our network of qualified talents.


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TempWise Changes Name to The Reserves Network

Tampa-based TempWise announced that it has changed its name to The Reserves Network (TRN).

The name change follows the 2013 acquisition of TempWise by The Reserves Network, a leading staffing provider to the office, industrial, professional and technical markets. TRN’s Tampa office focuses on temp-to-hire, temporary and direct hire opportunities in the office and professional markets.

“We’re excited about the name change,” said Paula Patterson, branch manager. “We will continue providing the same level of care and service customers have come to expect from TempWise. Since our acquisition, we have benefited from a wider range of staffing options and resources. The name change is the final step of the process we started four years ago.”

The office was founded in 1995 and is located at 341 S. Plant Avenue. Candidates and employers can contact the location at (813) 258–4101 or tampa@TRNstaffing.com.


About The Reserves Network

Founded in 1984, The Reserves Network provides staffing services to the office, industrial, professional and technical markets. The company places nearly 20,000 employees at its more than 40 operating locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, and works with customers nationwide. This includes temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire placements in a wide variety of professional fields and trades. Headquartered in Fairview Park, Ohio, the family and veteran-owned company has received multiple honors for outstanding sales growth, management excellence and customer service.

TRN Featured in Kenosha News

The Reserves Network’s Milwaukee branch was interviewed by Kenosha News


Recruitment Event – Ohio Means Jobs

The Reserves Network’s Brunswick, Ohio branch is partnering with Ohio Means Jobs for a recruiting event!


3721 Pearl Road
Medina, Ohio  44256


Wednesday, September 27
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

We’re hiring for Assembly, File Clerk/General Office, Grinder, Warehouse (2nd shift) and Welder positions!

If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please email us at brunswick@TRNstaffing.com or call us at 330.273.2600.

How to Choose Between Two Jobs You Really Want

How to Choose Between Two Jobs You Really Want

The goal of any job search is to find a position you love. Of course, when you have two offers and you want to take both jobs, you’ve got a problem – although it’s a good problem to have. You must choose which job is going to be the best fit for you.


To help you decide which job is most likely to advance your career and make you happy:


  • Find out exactly what each company is offering:

Know all of the details on each job offer: salary, health benefits, vacation time, 401(k) match, and all other workplace perks.  If you have as much information as possible about both jobs, you can figure out which best fits your lifestyle and career goals.


  • Compare all of the pros and cons:

Make a list with all relevant pros and cons, focusing on everything from the corporate culture to commuting time to your overall impressions of the job and the potential for growth.


  • Focus on what’s most important:

As you make your list, think about what matters most to you. Do you care more about job flexibility so you can see your kids’ sporting events or do you want a higher salary with a strict schedule? You know what matters in your life and those are the most important criteria to focus on.


  • Determine if there’s room for negotiation:

If one job seems to offer better perks but you would prefer the other position, find out if there is any room to negotiate a better deal from your top choice employer.


  • Listen to your heart:

You probably have a gut feeling about which opportunity is the best one. You need to be happy with your work life – follow your heart!


  • Be gracious and don’t burn bridges when turning down an offer:

When you’ve decided which offer to take, be gracious about turning down the other position.


The Reserves Network helps you land an offer at companies you’ll be happy to work for. You, too, can have the “problem” of too many great opportunities to choose from! Contact our staffing service to find out how we can help with your job hunt.


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The Reserves Network Salutes Millions of Temporary and Contract Workers During National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 18-24


The Reserves Network, a leading provider of staffing services for the office, industrial, professional and technical markets, joins staffing companies across the country in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 18-24. This week was established by the American Staffing Association (ASA) to pay tribute to the millions of Americans who are employed by staffing firms every business day.

“National Staffing Employee Week is a salute to the important and talented temporary and contract employees who make vital contributions to the nation’s workforce and economy,” said Neil Stallard, CEO of The Reserves Network.

Businesses, according to ASA, tap staffing companies for quality talent in virtually all occupational sectors, from call center service representatives to skilled tradesmen to attorneys. ASA also reports that 76% of temporary and contract employees work full-time (35 hours or more per week), virtually the same as the rest of the work force.

And for those who are seeking their first job, re-entering the work force or looking for something new, temporary and contract employment offers many benefits:

  • Jobs: In an average week, more than three million temporary and contract employees work through an American staffing company; nearly 15 million temporary and contract employees are hired through staffing companies in a year.
  • Flexibility: Employees can choose when, where, and how they want to work. Companies can get the skills they need to keep fully staffed during busy times.
  • Bridge: Temporary and contract work provides a bridge to permanent employment. 49% of staffing employees say it’s a way to get a permanent job; people can try out a prospective employer and showcase their skills for a permanent job.
  • Choice: Many people choose temporary and contract work as a preferred employment option. They can select their work schedules and choose among a variety of diverse and challenging assignments.
  • Training: The staffing industry provides free training for millions of temporary and contract employees to help meet today’s demand for skilled workers.

As part of the celebration, The Reserves Network selected “National Staffing Employee Stars” from each of its office and on-site locations. Nominees are honored with a certificate and monetary prize. TRN would like to congratulate its 2017 Staffing Employee Stars – their exemplary performance makes up the model of excellence we set forth to achieve as an organization each and every day.

“We’re proud to be involved in an industry that provides so many benefits to employees, to businesses, and to America’s economy,” adds Stallard.

How to Keep Your Personal and Professional Life Separate Online

How to Keep Your Personal and Professional Life Separate Online

In today’s connected world, many employees have faced professional consequences because of postings on social media or because other online content has gone “viral” and come to the attention of employers.  You don’t want to jeopardize career opportunities because of your Internet activity, so you should take steps to keep your personal and professional life separate.


  • Keep your social media profiles private

If your social media posts are public, anyone and everyone can access them. Even if you’re not posting anything especially controversial, you may not want to give potential employers an inside glimpse into all of your family activities you post on social media. By setting your profiles to private, you don’t make yourself so much of an open book.


  • Don’t “friend” all of your colleagues online

When you invite colleagues into your personal online spaces, those spaces become de facto professional spaces. You don’t want to have to be careful about what you post lest you become the target of office gossip that eventually gets back to your boss.


  • Don’t let others post pictures of you on their social media

No matter how careful you are about posting photos that paint you in a compromising life, it will all be for naught if your friends or family post pictures with you in them that you don’t want potential employers to see. Make clear you care about your online reputation and don’t want to be tagged or have your pictures posted on anyone else’s accounts.


  • Use a nickname or abbreviated name on personal accounts

If you can use a nickname that’s not the same as your professional name, it is less likely your employers will be able to access all of your social media sites and learn things about you that you’d rather keep private.


  • Avoid posting things you definitely don’t want employers to see

No matter how careful you are, something could get back to an employer. Don’t post anything that you think would be especially damaging to your career.


By maintaining separation between your personal and professional online lives, you won’t have to worry about what comes up on a search engine when employers inevitably Google your name. The Reserves Network can help you to find those employers who your online profile can impress, and can make it easier for you to land a great job opportunity in your chosen field. Give us a call today to find out more.


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How Attendance Issues Impact Your Workplace


Every employee in your workplace serves a critical operational function. If those employees are not showing up to work, every aspect of your business is affected. Here are just a few:

• Work falling by the wayside:

If an employee doesn’t come to work or comes late, some of the worker’s key tasks may go undone. Work may fall through the cracks or turned in too late if the person who is in charge of completing it fails to show up.

• Poor customer service:

When customers are counting on one of your employees and that employee doesn’t show up, it reflects badly on your company. The customer may decide to go elsewhere since your staff members cannot be bothered to do what they promised.

• Stress on other employees:

If one of your workers comes to work only when it suits them, others have to step up to pick up the slack. This puts stress on your reliable staff members, who may eventually get tired of the situation and begin looking for other employment opportunities.

• Cost to hire temporary workers:

Some jobs absolutely must be filled. If a critical worker doesn’t attend work regularly, you could be left scrambling to find a temporary worker or to bring in another staff member. There are often higher costs associated with hiring fill-in workers, especially if you don’t have much notice and must find someone at the last minute.

• Lost productivity:

Overall productivity decreases when even one employee is absent. Not only does that employee not do his job, but if others were counting on that employee’s work product to complete their own tasks, productivity for the entire team declines.

The best way to avoid the downsides of poor attendance is to hire workers who show up when promised and on time. The Reserves Network can make that possible by helping you hire reliable and committed staff, ensuring they get the job done. Contact us today to find out more!


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