Reevaluate Your Management Skills in the New Year

Everyone takes the new year to improve themselves both personally and professionally. If you are a manager, this may be the year you reinvent yourself and your management style to better suit your team. As new hires roll in along with the new year, it’s good to spend time reevaluating your skills as a manager to see if you are living up to your full potential.

Ask yourself, “Who do I look up to as a great leader?” You may have multiple leaders you admire for their different management philosophies – tough love, tell it like it is, the motivator. If you model your behaviors, work ethic and mindset after successful leaders who you respect, you’ll likely improve these must-have management skills.

Reading people

Whether you are interviewing a new hire or assessing a workplace conflict, your ability to read your employees will help maintain a healthy work environment, cohesive mindsets and transparency.

Managing employees

From training your team to remediating issues or delegating tasks, managing people and processes is a major role in any managerial position.

Industry expertise

While great business leaders rely on the strength and expertise of their subordinates to guide the company forward, having a great understanding of industry specific skills and trends allows these leaders the confidence to move in the right direction and chip in if and when necessary.


The way in which you communicate will play a major role in your effectiveness as a manager. Knowing how to communicate in certain situations and with different personalities will allow you to accomplish your goals as a leader. Whether you are looking to motivate your team, teach them a new process or delivering some bad news, being able to connect with your team makes the difference between someone who can manage a team and someone who can lead a company.

Listening and understanding

The most important role of a manager is being a source of stability for team members. From guidance on a given task to a serious work or personal crisis, being a pillar of consistent care is crucial to maintain a healthy working environment. However, as with teaching, managers can learn just as much from their co-workers as their co-workers learn from them.

Each team member that you manage has a lot to say, and not just about their individual role within the company. Truly innovative companies are promoting a more inclusive and creative culture by allowing all employees the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their experience with the company.

If you are looking to improve your management skills in 2017, start by adding your own source of guidance with the expert management firm in The Reserves Network. We understand how to manage employees and how to be a leader because we’ve been a leading force in the light industrial staffing industry for many years. Reach out to us today!

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Revamp Your Onboarding Process in 2017 with These 5 Strategies

Onboarding is one of the most overlooked processes in all of business. Yet it affects each one of your new hires, your HR department and has a major impact on budget through costly high turnover rates. When turnover is high, managers spend too much time recruiting and less time actually managing existing employees.

Many managers associate high turnover with the new “job hopping” trend due to the number of new hires that quit their jobs after just 6 months (33%). However, in this economy it is unlikely that this number of employees would be choosy when it comes to their livelihoods. What is more likely is that new hires have not been given an effective onboarding program to be successful or feel welcome in their new roles. Here’s what you can do to improve your onboarding program to better suit the needs of your new hires in 2017.

  1. Invite the Team

Who better to show a new employee the ropes than the team members that they will be working with for the foreseeable future? Allowing multiple members of the team to onboard new employees not only gives new hires a better idea of the daily routine right from the start, but it also makes the other team members feel more involved in the company.

  1. Two-way Onboarding

Unfortunately, an common way that new employees become disengaged is because the onboarding process all about what they can do for your company. A better way to get the most success out of your new hires is to establish the preferences of each side and finding the perfect compromise that will maximize productivity.

  1. Throw a welcoming party

When you hire industrial workers, don’t just introduce them to the other workers on the line. Instead, throw a little, or big, welcoming party for your new hires to let them know how valued they truly are. Light industrial onboarding programs are often so sterile that new hires easily get lost in the crowd and rarely get a chance to feel welcome in their new workplace.

  1. Strong start

If you are constantly running into slow-starting new hires, an easy way to combat this is to start your new recruits off with an important project to set them off on the right track. This will establish new team members as capable professionals from the start. This boost of confidence will bring the most out of your employees and give your team the assurance that they can rely on this employee to be a capable coworker.

  1. Open Onboarding

Not limiting your onboarding program to a given strategy may put extra strain on your hiring managers and HR department, but it can minimize turnover rate by modifying each onboarding process to best suit each individual new hire. Each new position carries a different set of parameters that may benefit from one onboarding process over another. A given new hire may also benefit from a different kind or level of training than the next recruit. Having a number of onboarding tactics to use for new hires will give your onboarding program a major boost.

Give your company the boost it needs to stay atop your industry by working with a national leader in light industrial recruiting in The Reserves Network. Work with The Reserves Network to find your next great candidate today!

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Setting and Achieving Career Goals in 2017

A new year provides a fresh start to build momentum and reestablish yourself as a professional. Part of the growing process is setting goals for your career to create a clear path towards improvement. Whether you want improve your skills, get a promotion or find a new job, a goal will help motivate you to stay on track and attain your career goals this new year.

#1 Find the RIGHT Goal

Setting a professional goal is more than just dedication. If you choose a goal that is unquantifiable or too general, you won’t be able to track your progress throughout the year. By setting a goal that truly means something to you and making it undeniably attainable, you allow yourself to create a pathway to achieving this goal.

#2 Create a Plan

Once you’ve come up with the right career goal, you have to generate a strict and comprehensive plan that will all but guarantee this goal will be reached. It doesn’t have to be a plan that changes your entire life, but it does need to include an exact date by which the goal must be achieved and benchmarks to reach to stay on pace. If you create a plan that is open-ended or too lenient, you allow for the less important parts of your life to get in the way of your success.

#3 Stick with It

Don’t let doubt or bumps in the road get you off track. Stick with your plan throughout the first few months of the year and you will have a more informed perspective as to whether or not your plan needs to be adjusted or your goal is truly realistic.

#4 Track Your Progress

If you have been consistent with your plan throughout the first few months of the year, monitor your progress. Is your schedule too lenient to reach your goal by the deadline that has been set? Early April is the perfect time to make any necessary adjustments to your routine to stay on track to achieving your professional goal.

#5 Foster Your Goal

Make sure that you are being your own best advocate when it comes to this all-important career goal. Make it as important of a part in your life as it deserves to be. This may mean informing those around you that there may be some changes to your normal habits or routine. The more open you are about your goal, the more real it becomes.

If you start to receive criticism or doubt from certain people in your life, you owe it to yourself and your career goal to limit your exposure to this unwelcomed negativity.

#6 Take Time to Reflect

Fully achieving a yearlong goal can be challenging. You often run into a rough patch in the middle of the year where the goal is too far to conceptualize, yet you have put forth so much extra work to make it achievable. It is at this point you need to reflect back on why you set this goal in the first place. What impact will achieving this goal have on your life? This will give you a second wind as you head closer towards your goal.

No matter your professional goal, a seasoned staffing agency can help you achieve it. The Reserves Network and its HR experts are extremely talented at matching candidates with the best available light industrial jobs, assisting candidates with every stage of the application process and informing employees on how to ask for a raise or promotion. Contact The Reserves Network to find the job that is right for you.

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How to Keep Your Team Engaged During the Holidays

Make your end-of-year deadlines without skipping a beat, even with the holidays, by keeping your team engaged. Avoiding holiday distractions is nearly impossible. This is why if you want to keep your team focused through the holidays, you shouldn’t avoid distractions at all. Rather, your emphasis should be on embracing these distractions that come with this time of the year to maximize productivity. You can’t expect to get through the holidays without certain crises, thus, careful planning and efficient work ethic must be put in to compensate for any Q4 complications.

Plan Early

Planning and communication is the first step to take when schedules get hectic. The holidays will and should be spent with family, and allotted vacations days should be used before the new year begins. Remind your team that a work-life balance is important and part of being a good employee is staying fresh and ready for the job.

Since you know vacation is going to be a part of the holiday season, create a clear and universal calendar that allows you to ensure your company is able to keep running near full capacity even with a few absences throughout the season.

It is also important to encourage your team to work ahead of schedule to ensure that any EOY deadlines are still met comfortably even with the barriers to productivity that winter can bring.

Make Time for Distractions

Making time for distractions is actually one of the best ways to improve productivity. By inviting distractions, but in controlled increments, your team is given the freedom to pursue their interests while still being encouraged to be as productive as possible to keep up with the busy demands that the end of year bring. Increase the number of breaks your team is given and tell your team to let loose during these periods by communicating with family, creating lists and schedules for home or even shopping for gifts online.

Along with the fun-filled atmosphere of the holidays, also comes an equal amount of pressures,” says Kara Shanks, vice president for The Reserves Network. “This can carry-over into the workplace and it’s important for management to maintain a pulse on the disposition of the staff.  If there’s an opportunity available to alleviate stress, take advantage of it. Small steps to show you care will go a long way toward building good will, and making sure productivity isn’t compromised.”

Fight the Weather

Keep energy up during the darker part of the year with extra lights, light instrumental music and fun events like lunch outings, raffles and competitions to keep spirits up in the warehouse.

Get in the Spirit

Being a Scrooge during the holiday season is an easy way to get your team to disengage from your company. Instead of fighting the distractions, create an appropriate outlet for the extra buzz and energy in the warehouse by planning companywide events to keep holiday-related talk still focused on the company. By embracing this energy instead of shunning it, you are also able to channel it into more productivity.

Keep your company competitive through the holidays by getting everything on your wish list in talented light industrial professionals, warehouse management advice and dedicated HR services with a trusted national light industrial staffing agency. The Reserves Network has the resources of a national staffing powerhouse, but with the caring mindset of a local office. Contact TRN today to get your company on track for a successful 2017.

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The Reserves Network: Hiring Events in Southern Ohio!

The Reserves Network will be hosting multiple job fairs this holiday season in order to get you started on your new career. Join us and have a little something extra to celebrate as this year comes to a close! TRN has immediate job openings for the following:

  • Production Workers
  • Assembly
  • Quality Inspection

Don’t Miss Your 3 Chances to See Us!


1. Thursday, December 8 from 2pm-5pm:


250 Eastern Ave

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2. Friday, December 16 from 1pm-5pm:

The Reserves Network- Hillsboro

938 W. Main St

Hillsboro, OH


The Reserves Network- Washington Courthouse

318 E. Court St

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3. Tuesday, December 20 from 2pm-5pm


250 Eastern Ave

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If unable to attend these events apply online at Also, like us on Facebook for more info and resources!

Please bring a resume or work history.

For more information contact:

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