Avoid Hiring a Bad Candidate Because They Are a Good Interviewer

Avoiding a bad hire is a solution that managers have been trying to find since the beginning of industry. When a candidate says all of the right things during an interview, identifying bad employees can be nearly impossible. It may require restructuring your company’s application process entirely. However, the cost of a bad hire far succeeds any costs or inconveniences associated with any changes to your hiring processes. Consider these factors the next time you’re ready to hold interviews.

Come prepared

“One of the greatest mistakes a hiring manager can make is not being thoroughly prepared for their interviews,” says Jen Hochevar, human resources manager for The Reserves Network. “No different then a job candidate, the interviewer needs to study the final job posting; the resume of the candidate prior to the interview; and thoroughly access both the departmental and company-wide reasoning for the hire.”

A lack of preparation can lead managers into undervaluing certain key skills or traits that are required for the role at hand, while overvaluing others that are already covered by other employees. You need to know exactly what you are looking for in the perfect candidate, what your concerns are in the candidate you are interviewing based on their application thus far, and address these concerns during your interview.

Get a second (or third) opinion

Different interviewers process information their own unique way. Whether you evaluate candidates based on qualifications, cultural fit or through testing them during your interview, how you interpret the success of an interview will be different from others. For better or worse, this is the case, which is why it helps to have a member or multiple members of your team analyze candidates to get a more complete picture of a potential new hire. This helps fill in gaps and account for candidates who know how to speak their way around certain personalities and make themselves seem like a better hire than they really are.

Watch for signs of toxicity

Toxic employees are extremely dangerous because they can have all of the right qualifications and abilities, however, their behaviors just don’t succeed in a professional environment. Getting to know a candidate’s personality can be nearly impossible over a short application period. The best way to avoid hiring a toxic employee is to know what to look for and get the opinion of multiple team members to check for any inconsistencies in work experience or character. Watch for these signs while interviewing your next candidate:

  • Apathy – If the passion isn’t there, apathetic employees simply won’t have the energy to be as successful as their more passionate co-workers.
  • Dishonesty – Don’t overlook small signs of dishonesty. It can be a sign of a shaky moral character and professional integrity.
  • Inconsistency – A combination of dishonesty and apathy, an inconsistent candidate simply cannot be trusted to be reliable enough to get the job done right day in and day out.
  • Selfishness – As a member of your team, you need to ensure that new hires are going to work well with your warehouse unit. Watch out for candidates that are constantly focused on their own gains.
  • Laziness – Light industrial work requires consistent hard work. There is no room for laziness on your team.

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