Investing Money In Extensive Employee Training Will Pay Off Big Time

Too often you see companies that view employee education as an expense rather than a valuable source of quality assurance and ROI. If employees are a company’s greatest asset, then why is investing in your employees seen in such a negative light?

It’s time to reimagine the possibilities of an extensive employee training program. Not only will this investment improve your employees’ capabilities, but also their job satisfaction and the way potential recruits perceive your company.


Potential candidates, especially young candidates, love to see companies that invest in robust employee training. Career driven individuals will want to choose a company that can help them learn new skills and grow their careers. Promoting a culture of learning, not only shows candidates that you have the right ideas as a company but also that you like to invest in your employees. That is a great sign for someone willing to invest their future in your organization.


A new hire will decide whether or not they are going to stay with a company long-term after just one week. This is why having sloppy onboarding and education processes will cost you thousands. It also makes things much more frustrating for driven new employees looking to make a good first impression right out of the gate – only to be immediately derailed by an outdated and ineffective education program.

Informed and involved employees are also happier at work. An employee is much more likely to stay in a position that he or she feels confident doing. There’s nothing enjoyable about stressing over your performance constantly because you were undertrained in your position.


Training employees in other departments can give your company the flexibility to fill skill gaps when necessary. As workloads vary from season to season, your more flexible employees can switch their focus as needed. This not only benefits your employees by making them more complete professionals, but it keeps your business running smoothly no matter what scenario comes up.


Investing in extensive employee education pays off in employee retention alone. You know all too well the cost of hiring a new employee, so why not invest in the employees that you have? This not only gives them a better work experience but it also improves their abilities to serve your customers and produce better results for your company.

For more management advice or to find the best industrial workers, technical professionals, office staff and other top recruits throughout the nation, partner with The Reserves Network. TRN gives you the time and care of a local provide with the resources of a national leader. Contact TRN today.

Job Fair at Dillen Products in Middlefield, OH

Job Fair at Dillen Products in Middlefield, OH

The Reserves Network will be hosting a recruiting event for Dillen Products on-site on Wednesday, July 27. TRN and Dillen Products have immediate job openings for the following position:

  • General Labor

All positions are with Dillen Products in Middlefield, Ohio.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Wednesday, July 27


Dillen Products

15150 Madison Road

Middlefield, OH 44062

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Geneva


Saddle Creek Logistics On-Site Recruiting Event!

Saddle Creek Logistics On-Site Recruiting Event!

The Reserves Network will be hosting a recruiting event for Saddle Creek Logistics on Tuesday, July 26. TRN/Saddle Creek has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Forklift Operators
  • Assemblers
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • General Labor

All positions are with Saddle Creek Logistics in Joliet, IL.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Tuesday, July 26

Saddle Creek Logistics

2550 Logistics Dr

Joliet, IL 60436

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network, On-Site at Saddle Creek


TRN Staffing Recruitment Event in Glasgow, KY

TRN Staffing Recruitment Event in Glasgow

The Reserves Network will be hosting an internal recruiting event in our Glasgow office on Wednesday, July 27 from 8am-6pm. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Sanitation
  • Machine Operators
  • Injection Molders
  • Quality Assurance
  • Material Handlers

Pay rates start at $9/hour with opportunity for Referral Bonuses, Perfect Attendance Incentives and Weekly Paycheck. All three shifts, plus weekend shifts, are available.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Wednesday, July 27

The Reserves Network- Glasgow

948 Happy Valley Rd

Glasgow, KY 42141

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Glasgow


How to Nurture and Reward Top Performers

Any organization that wants to be successful should put measures in place to retain top talent. This is easier said than done when the highest achievers are sought after by other companies and always looking for a dynamic and well-rounded experience.

In order to satiate your hungriest, most ready-for-action employees there are a few questions you must answer for yourself.

Who are My Top Performers?

All of your employees are valuable and ideally, they all perform well. However, certain employees go above and beyond the requirements of their positions, make efforts to stay active in the industry outside of work, educate others on the team and have a more big-picture awareness of the company’s working cogs. These are your superstars and it’s possible they’re also the ones with one foot out the door.

What do Top Performers Value Most?

Top performers didn’t become so successful and well-rounded out of the blue. These employees know their own preferences and abide by an extreme level of self-discipline and uncommonly high expectations. There are five main factors that will make or break a top performing employee’s job satisfaction:

  • Embracing and being led by their company’s values and vision
  • Integrity and social responsibility from the top down in their company
  • Working for a company that demonstrates innovation and is efficient in exceeding market demands
  • Sufficient resources provided not only to themselves, but to all members of their organization
  • Support for their career trajectories

How can I meet these needs?

Step 1 – Reestablish the Vision

Regularly communicate the mission of your company and the “We Believe” statements that move your organization toward those goals.

Step 2 – Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Assert your firm’s ethical foundation not by adopting and promoting a cause for show but by valuing righteousness and putting consumer needs first.

Step 3 – Innovate

Bring your top performers and all employees into an incubator-style brainstorm session periodically to encourage innovation at the roots of the organization. Embrace great ideas and show follow-through.

Step 4 – Improve Conditions

Rally the work conditions and resources necessary for your top performers and all teammates to excel without unnecessary contingencies or obstacles.

Step 5 – Educate

Provide continuing education opportunities & support for professional growth; clear a path for employees to move into the roles that best suit their needs and proficiencies as they grow.

Your department and company as a whole will benefit from the retention, upward training, and leadership of your top performing staff. To continue to cultivate their talents and retain their loyalty, provide the benefits discussed here. For more employee satisfaction tips and to hire top talent, work with TRN today!

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Hiring Event at Ohio Means Jobs in Medina

Hiring Event at OMJ-Medina!

The Reserves Network will be at Ohio Means Jobs in Medina on Wednesday, July 27 from 11am-1pm, located at Ohio Means Jobs. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Forklift Operators
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Machine Operators
  • Office/Clerical Positions

Positions are available in Brunswick, Ohio area.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Wednesday, July 27

Ohio Means Jobs- Medina County

3721 Pearl Rd

Medina, OH 44256

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Brunswick


How Should You Answer “What’s Your Current Salary” While Job Searching?

You’ve all been asked one of the most dreaded interview questions, “What is your current salary?” in every application process you’ve gone through. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, recruiters felt entitled to this very private piece of information that instantly gives their company or their client the upper hand in the recruiting process. The good news is, is that you, as the talent, always have the advantage, but only if you use it wisely.

Responding to salary questions in an interview is simple. The next time you hear this question in an interview, your proper response should sound like this: “At this point in my career, I’m looking for jobs in the range of XX – XX.” This appropriately gives the employer a target salary to offer you, should you be their best candidate and this is an acceptable range.

Responding To A Rebuttal

This response will trigger one of two rebuttals from a recruiter.

  1. Additional pushes for your salary information
  2. The accusation that you are not being trustworthy and transparent

Proper response to scenario 1: “I understand that many companies ask for this information, but my personal finances are of course private and I’m not comfortable sharing that information just as your company would not be comfortable sharing its finances with me.”

Remember that your finances are between you and your accountant and should not be shared with anybody else. The notion that this information is a “need” in the recruiting process is simply not true. For this application process, the only numbers that matter are the budget of the company and your desired range based on the parameters of the position and your abilities. 

Proper response to scenario 2: “I am not comfortable divulging my private finances to you. I have been 100% transparent in giving you my desired salary range for this role and I trust that your company will use my experience and the information that I have provided to make an appropriate offer given its budget for this position.”

Trust is a two way street. This company knows its budget, so they know whether or not they can meet your desired salary. The only reason why they would want to know your previous salary is to offer you the lowest possible number within their range.

Take Back Your Power

A quick search of the term “talent-shortage” should give you all the information you need to know when it comes to who has the power in the recruitment process. Hint: It’s you!

Another way to stand out in your job hunt is to work with a staffing agency that puts job seekers first. The Reserves Network has all of the resources of a national staffing powerhouse, but with the care of a local provider. We will do everything we can to get you Chicago office jobs, Cleveland industrial openings, Charlotte professional vacancies and Atlanta technical jobs. Contact TRN today to regain your power in the recruitment process.

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Recruiters at Headlands BeachFest in Mentor!

Recruiters will be at the Headlands BeachFest!

The Reserves Network’s Mentor office recruiters will be at Headlands BeachFest talking job openings! Come out to meet our staff and find out about our exciting opportunities. TRN has immediate job openings for the following:

  • Assembly Workers
  • Machine Operators
  • General Labor

Positions are available near Mentor, Ohio.

If unable to attend this event, or if your’e looking to apply, go to

Please bring a resume or work history.

Saturday, July 16

Headlands Beach State Park

9601 Headlands Rd

Mentor, OH 44060

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Mentor


The Reserves Network’s Elyria,Ohio Office Relocates to Amherst, Ohio

AmherstAfter more than 20 years The Reserves Network is calling a new Lorain County, Ohio location home.

The company, which is a leading staffing agency to the office, industrial, professional and technical markets, has sold its building at 541 Midway Blvd. in Elyria and relocated to 2277 Cooper Foster Park Road in Amherst.

“This is certainly a bittersweet time,” says Amanda Selent, branch manager.  “The Reserves Network’s Elyria branch has become a well-known landmark with deep-rooted history at its Midway Blvd. location. However, we’re eager to transition into our new Amherst facility. The move provides expanded opportunities in the way of recruiting and business development – without compromising the services we provide to our current employees and customers. ”

TRN had been at the Elyria location since 1994. The office will be torn down for future property development. The office’s staff includes: Selent; Michelle Wilbert, staffing supervisor; and Vickie Dyke, account executive.
The Lorain County branch is one of TRN’s nine area offices, including its corporate headquarters in Fairview Park. The company’s specialty divisions – Summit Technical and TRN Financial Group are also locally based. This year alone, TRN expects to place nearly 20,000 employees at its more than 40 operating locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast.
Family and veteran-owned, TRN has won multiple honors for outstanding growth, customer service and management excellence. Acknowledgements include: 13-NorthCoast 99 Awards, honoring best companies to work for in Northeast Ohio; A four-time Cleveland Plain Dealer Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio; and one of the 2013 Best Employers in Ohio, as recognized by the Ohio Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Council.
Businesses and job seekers can contact the new Amherst office at (440) 324-7001 or