The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Recent Graduate

When looking to fill a vacancy in your company, you often look for a combination of education, experience, and a certain something extra that ensures your candidate is a just-right fit for the culture, too. If your strategy is to consistently find early- to mid-career job seekers with a few years under their belts, you might want to reconsider.

As staffing experts, we represent newly graduated job seekers just as often as their seasoned counterparts. When recruiting this fresh young subset of candidates, we find time and again that they bring the following benefits to the table for businesses like yours.

  1. Modern Training. While a seasoned employee has been trained with real-time applications in the field, the latest innovations and methodologies being taught in universities will also be at your company’s fingertips by bringing on a new grad who’s just been through it.
  2. Affordability. A bachelor’s-degree-level employee with less experience can be brought on at a lower starting wage than a veteran employee with similar capabilities.
  3. Drive & Hunger. Many experienced employees have a certain ferocity toward their work, no matter what their age. However, those who have just devoted four years or more to the pursuit of education to land them at your door will absorb every moment and bring energy and intent to every day’s work.
  4. Fresh Ideas. Mixing up your teams to represent different stages of life, different backgrounds, and different attitudes will yield more creatively diverse results.
  5. Initiative. Newbie applicants will hit the ground running as they have spent years in classrooms waiting for the moment it would all become real.
  6. Career Focus. New grads are more likely to be at a stage of life where they are focused on getting serious with a company, as they are less likely to be taking a break or making a switch.
  7. Malleability. With a green employee, managers will have less behaviors to “un-train” as the new guy will have less experience working with other firms which might have different philosophies. Consider your recent grad candidates as blank slates.
  8. Tech Savvy and Social. Having grown up with the internet and smart devices since childhood, millennial college graduates this year are more natively aware of technology and digital sociality than those before them. You may think this makes them less collaborative in-person but 60 percent of millennials prefer the in-person collaboration!
  9. Flexibility. With less recent grads being family-focused or tied to other engagements, many are able to travel or work odd hours for your company. Also, those who are new are more willing to do these things in order to land and keep their starter job.
  10. Analysis. Coming from the classroom, new grads are dialed into measurements, rubrics, and research – this analytic mindset could prove highly usable for your firm.

To review, you may find that recent graduates make the perfect addition to your team of experienced veterans. To find fresh, innovative candidates who can bring the benefits above to your business, work with a staffing agency that spans demographics and industries to connect talent to needs like yours. Connect with The Reserves Network today.

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