Introverts Rejoice! 9 Ways to Simplify Networking & Land a Job!

Do you hate networking? Who you know can deeply influence the opportunities presented to you in your career and in your personal life. Consider this: “Networking” can transcend the Mad Men-esque cocktail parties and business cards of yesteryear.

We have compiled a top-10 list of tips for networking, specifically tailored toward people who despise it. If this is you, browse this advice meant to help you get the most out of networking without feeling repulsed or reduced to avoidance. You can do this and you may even enjoy it!

Address the hatred. Know thyself. What is it about networking events that repels you? If big crowds aren’t your thing, arrange one-on-ones. If you don’t like showing up unannounced, join an organization where you come to be expected. Set yourself up to succeed by knowing what you won’t put up with.

Scale it back.
Successful networking doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amount of events one attends or hours spent mingling. Instead, attend one or two events per month, stay for an hour each, and work your way up. Just be sure your time is spent fruitfully and always follow up.

Take a friend.
Simply arriving and leaving with someone, and knowing there is someone else you can take up conversation with if things start to lag, can be comforting. Strategize separation and reunion so that you always have a buffer.

Find an activity.
Not all networking events rely on cocktails or coffee and idle chatter – volunteer or join an organization or conference with activities planned. It is much easier to take up conversation when you and another person are sharing an experience or task, plus the quieter moments don’t feel so awkward.

Start digital.
If you’re a bit shy or uncomfortable in social situations, start with a webinar, Linkedin group, or Twitter chat. You can generate contacts, build a reputation, and share your articulate commentary into the discussion in ways you aren’t yet confident to do face to face.

Set a goal.
Turn networking into a game or challenge with a feasible goal. Rather than challenge yourself to meet 20 people, strive to shake hands with five. If you can do this, the next event won’t seem so daunting.

Research & prepare.
Like with any nerve-wracking activity or event, preparedness can go a long way to quell concerns. If you have a list of the attendees or members of an upcoming get-together, scope their profiles online and know who you might meet. This may make it easier to strike up a conversation or feel less displaced.

Ask questions.
Like many others, you may be uncomfortable talking about yourself or trying to #humblebrag your way to the top. So, don’t! Appeal to the thousands of people who love to talk about themselves and ask questions to engage a new acquaintance. The questions you ask and the initiative you take will speak volumes about who you are.

Assume you’re not alone.
If you are uncomfortable, it is fair to assume others are, too. Find a confidence you didn’t know you had by striving at the next event to seek out the quiet ones and make others feel welcome. Take up a host or hostess role and fake it until you make it!

Networking doesn’t have to be a nail-biting undertaking. Consider the tips above and, as always, consult with the workforce experts at The Reserves Network for career advice.

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Intigral Job Fair in Walton Hills, OH

Job Fair at Intigral in Walton Hills

The Reserves Network and Intigral are  hosting a job fair on Thursday, June 30 from10am-3pm, located at Intigral in Walton Hills. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Assembly
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Production
  • Inspection

Positions are available in Walton Hills and Twinsburg.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Thursday, June 30

Intigral: Walton Hills

7800 Northfield Rd

Walton Hills, Ohio 44146

Contact for more information:
(216) 227-3600;


(216) 475-7700;


(330) 864-2453;

The Reserves Network’s Clearwater, FL Office Moves to New Location

The Reserves Network’s Clearwater, FL Office Has a New Home.Clearwater

The Reserves Network, a leading staffing agency to the office, industrial, professional and technical markets, has relocated its Clearwater, Fla. branch.

The office will remain in its current building location at 13770 58th Street N. However, it will be moving from Suite 307 to Suite 317.

“We had an opportunity to expand our existing location in Clearwater, so we took advantage of it,” says Eileen Johnson, branch manager. “The added space allows us to add additional recruiters to our team so we can continue to grow and service our clients quickly with a larger pool of talented employees.”

Clearwater is one of three offices The Reserves Network has in Florida, including Tampa and Winter Park. The company places nearly 20,000 employees at its more than 40 operating locations in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast, and works with customers nationwide – this includes temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire placements in a wide variety of professional fields and trades.

Businesses and job seekers can contact the Clearwater office at (727) 228-4010 or

Managers: Your Employee Disagrees With You, Now What?

In a perfect world, employees and managers would agree on all decisions, delegations, and directions without debate. However, the world we live in is dynamic and your team members have the right to disagree with you. Rather than bemoan the thought that any subordinate would push back against your initiatives, there are ways to embrace disagreements and achieve balance.

It can be difficult to receive differing perspectives. It can feel like an affront or a criticism to your direction or choice. So, when an employee shares their difference of opinion, how do you deal?

You may feel like asserting that it’s your call and leave it at that. However, this could erode the trust between you and your employee and discourage them from sharing. Instead, consider the following options.

Start Here: Will you react passively or actively?


If the issue at hand is timely or pressing, or if the decision was made based on information the employee wasn’t yet privy to – it is important to proceed actively. However, (temporary) passivity may be more applicable to nurture the relationship with the employee and in situations where the situation isn’t demanding. Always pick your “battles” wisely.

If you choose to act…


Choice 1: Assert authority. There are times when an employee’s preference cannot supersede the best interests of the company. If you choose to stand your ground, be prepared to address the disputing employee and educate them providing perspectives your employee may not have been privy to. Assert your points firmly, elaborating where useful. Encourage your employee’s tendency to challenge the status quo and praise them for good points to safeguard the relationship.

Choice 2: Find middle ground. Compromise is a very healthy choice for managers and employees who disagree. Like in any other conflict, it is very likely both parties have valid points and useful ideas. Plan a time to meet, discuss the issue at length, and collaborate or take the reins on this pressing issue – but seek your employee’s counsel on a similar upcoming project or problem. Finding a way to involve and validate your employee is a great way to retain their trust and encourage continued participation and thought.

If you choose to be passive…


Choice 1: Evaporate the issue. If the cause for disagreement is minute it may be strategic to avoid discussion. This is a healthy choice when emotions run high or when the employee feels very strongly and may be unlikely to get their way. It is important, if choosing evaporation, to provide rationale and keep interchange simple so tempers do not flare. Suggest a time to readdress.

Choice 2: Concede.
If the issue is really so unimportant, it may befit the relationship with the employee to go ahead and allow them to proceed as the employee preferred. If choosing this route, keep criticisms at bay and allow results to speak for the proper choice. This option is best chosen when little risk is assessed in the situation. Consciously choose to set aside authority and allow the employee to explore their preference. Plan to revisit after the decision has run its due course.

Disagreements are unavoidable. However, how you handle discord in the office will dictate how you are perceived as a manager and the rapport you keep with your employees. For more advice on how to manage your team and hire the best employees for your organization, come back to our Blog – a resource for all things HR.

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Why Interviewers Ask Personality Questions and How to Answer Them

We have all been there. You’re sitting through an interview answering questions about your background, education, and job experience like a pro. You are thinking nothing could shake your confidence until the interviewer asks a personality question. All of a sudden you’re not reflecting on facts and figures but on facets of yourself that you may not have been prepared to discuss. You’re off your game and the interviewer is expecting something dynamic – how do you react? How do you answer personality questions in a job interview?

We have compiled the top all-too-common interview questions. Follow these tips and ensure your interviewer’s next question will be “when can you start?”

Question: What’s your story? Tell me about yourself.

What They’re Really Asking: How do you feel about yourself? What do you value? What can you offer us? Have you solved our kind of problems before?
How to Respond
: It is important to remember why you’re there – to establish yourself as the best person to fulfill a need for the company.
Example: I chose to pursue an education in finance because I always connected to numbers. I joined a business fraternity at my school and became passionate in applying my love of numbers to the corporate world. In the last five years, I have worked in asset management at XYZ Corp. and I am now ready to bring my balance of expertise and leadership to a managerial role. That’s what brings me here.

Question: What is your greatest strength?

What They’re Really Asking: What traits do you value and see as an asset to this role? Are you humble?
How to Respond:
Absolutely exude humility, but be honest and provide a clear picture of your top-performing qualities. Be sure the strength you’re highlighting is relevant to the role.
Colleagues identify me as the innovator. I like to take a problem such as a lack of strategy or a break in the flow of a project and reimagine it. I guess I have a knack for seeing things from many perspectives.

Question: How would you describe your leadership style?

What They’re Really Asking: How do you collaborate? How do you view leadership? Have you been a leader before?
How to Respond:
Express yourself and speak to real-life examples or offer a role-playing situation of how you would be if you lack the experience to reflect on.
In my role as lead engineer in Milwaukee, I guided my team of 10 engineers with a balance of clear expectations and flexibility toward the approach. My belief is that associates perform better if given the space to achieve results in their own ways.

Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

What They’re Really Asking: Are you ambitious? Will you leave this company or field soon?
How to Respond:
Assuage concerns that you are a flight risk while avoiding implications that you’re comfortable with a plateau. Talk less about where you’ll be and more about how you’ll get there.
In five years, I aim to be directing the regional sales team, having earned a promotion by demonstrating top-level sales and presenting trailblazing strategies for lead conversion.

Next time you’re mid-interview and wonder “how should I answer this interview question?” consider the following:

  • Keep your answers relevant;
  • Address the needs of the company;
  • Be honest and results-driven; and
  • Provide examples.

By following this advice, you will approach any interview question with confidence and preparedness. To land a job in finance, sales, or IT, search for jobs with The Reserves Network today!

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Job Growth in Tampa


VIDEO: Lee Rachelson from The Reserves Network’s TempWise office in Tampa talks to ABC WFTS Action News in Tampa Bay regarding area employment trends.

Career Fair Tailgate!

Career Fair Tailgate in Milwaukee!

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair on Tuesday, June 21 from 3PM-7PM. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • Assemblers- Electrical and Mechanical
  • CNC Machinists
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Powder Coat Painters
  • Production Associates
  • Quality Assurance
  • Welders

**All applicants who stop by with a current resume will be placed in a drawing for a State Fair Fun Pack! Valued at over $100, this pack includes 4 tickets, a Parking Pass and Fair Bucks!!**


Positions are available near the Milwaukee, WI area.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Tuesday, June 21


11575 Theo Trecker Way

Milwaukee, WI 53185

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Milwaukee:

(414) 453-9545

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Recent Graduate

When looking to fill a vacancy in your company, you often look for a combination of education, experience, and a certain something extra that ensures your candidate is a just-right fit for the culture, too. If your strategy is to consistently find early- to mid-career job seekers with a few years under their belts, you might want to reconsider.

As staffing experts, we represent newly graduated job seekers just as often as their seasoned counterparts. When recruiting this fresh young subset of candidates, we find time and again that they bring the following benefits to the table for businesses like yours.

  1. Modern Training. While a seasoned employee has been trained with real-time applications in the field, the latest innovations and methodologies being taught in universities will also be at your company’s fingertips by bringing on a new grad who’s just been through it.
  2. Affordability. A bachelor’s-degree-level employee with less experience can be brought on at a lower starting wage than a veteran employee with similar capabilities.
  3. Drive & Hunger. Many experienced employees have a certain ferocity toward their work, no matter what their age. However, those who have just devoted four years or more to the pursuit of education to land them at your door will absorb every moment and bring energy and intent to every day’s work.
  4. Fresh Ideas. Mixing up your teams to represent different stages of life, different backgrounds, and different attitudes will yield more creatively diverse results.
  5. Initiative. Newbie applicants will hit the ground running as they have spent years in classrooms waiting for the moment it would all become real.
  6. Career Focus. New grads are more likely to be at a stage of life where they are focused on getting serious with a company, as they are less likely to be taking a break or making a switch.
  7. Malleability. With a green employee, managers will have less behaviors to “un-train” as the new guy will have less experience working with other firms which might have different philosophies. Consider your recent grad candidates as blank slates.
  8. Tech Savvy and Social. Having grown up with the internet and smart devices since childhood, millennial college graduates this year are more natively aware of technology and digital sociality than those before them. You may think this makes them less collaborative in-person but 60 percent of millennials prefer the in-person collaboration!
  9. Flexibility. With less recent grads being family-focused or tied to other engagements, many are able to travel or work odd hours for your company. Also, those who are new are more willing to do these things in order to land and keep their starter job.
  10. Analysis. Coming from the classroom, new grads are dialed into measurements, rubrics, and research – this analytic mindset could prove highly usable for your firm.

To review, you may find that recent graduates make the perfect addition to your team of experienced veterans. To find fresh, innovative candidates who can bring the benefits above to your business, work with a staffing agency that spans demographics and industries to connect talent to needs like yours. Connect with The Reserves Network today.

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Eastlake Job Fair

Job Fair at the Eastlake Public Library

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair on Friday, June 24 from 9:30AM-1PM. TRN has immediate job openings for the following positions:

  • CNC Set Up Machinist
  • Machine Operators
  • Material Handlers
  • Assembly Workers

*Be sure to ask about our $75 referral bonus*

Positions are available near the Mentor, OH area.

If unable to attend this event apply online at

Please bring a resume or work history.

Friday, June 24


Eastlake Public Library

36706 Lakeshore Blvd

Eastlake, OH

Contact for more information:

The Reserves Network-Mentor:

(440) 974-7171