Better Business Tip: Centralize Your Payroll

Still using traditional timecards and signing timesheets every week or two? Taking the tried-and-true approach to payroll may no longer be your best bet. Centralized payroll, complete with a digital system that supports every pay-related task you already do and more, can save you time and keep you compliant.

This is why, at TRN, we are making the migration and urging our clients to take the plunge too.

What We Offer

The Reserves Network offers several comprehensive options by which to input data and generate reports with ease. Users can enjoy the benefits of:

• TRN Web Portal
• Intuitive Customer Feeds
• Reliable Time Clock Options
• Microsoft Excel Import Functionality

Our system brings together the entire payroll experience, streamlines input for employees and adds efficiency.

3 Reasons Centralization Matters

1. Improve Timekeeping Accuracy
Life happens. Employees come in late and leave early. Supervisors signing timesheets should never be required to keep track of all of these individual dilemmas. When payroll is centralized, these minutes are clocked (more accurately) by the employee for review when it’s convenient. Further, fewer “oops” moments occur because the system does the work.

2. Ensure Optimal Compliance & Organization
There’s no room for a lack of compliance when everything is digitized. Forgetfulness, disorganization, misplacing of records, and other mishaps just can’t – and won’t – happen. Management reports, invoice information, billed hours, employee lists, and more are kept in one place ready for audit or update. Rather than digging through a cabinet full of file folders to tend to a discrepancy or make a copy, you can find all of your records in one place – safe and orderly. When snags happen in the human process, the digital process has you covered.

3. Save Valuable Time
The constant drudgery of faxing, filing and copying for payroll record purposes is a thing of the past with centralization. Further, required signing of timesheets by supervisors can be left behind in favor of a more “to-the-minute” record keeping process. In a world where time is money, this means greater productivity for both the employees keeping time and the supervisor overseeing payroll.

For companies that value time, accuracy, and compliance when keeping records and moving money, centralization just makes sense. You can migrate with TRN to a more mobile-friendly, accurate, and modern way of keeping payroll under control. To begin this process, get in touch with The Reserves Network today!

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