Ohio Means Jobs Job Fair

The Reserves Network is hosting a job fair at Ohio Means Jobs – Clinton County on January 7 from 10AM-1PM. Looking for many new employees, especially seeking production workers for 12 hour shifts in Wilmington, Ohio. Pay is $10.00-$10.60 to start based on experience. High school diploma or GED required.

Please bring a resume with current work history. You can fill out our online application prior to arrival at www.TRNstaffing.com. Be prepared to pass pre-screen testing.

Thursday, January 7

Ohio Means Jobs – Clinton County
1025 S. South St. Ste. 500
Wilmington, OH 45177

Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Hillsboro
(937) 393-0973

Five Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

Interviews are intimidating. A well-prepared interviewee has less cause for anxiety and apprehension going into the meeting and will likely perform better as a result of that preparation. Consider the top five starter tips for interviewees:

Arrive Early

Why punctuality matters: Interviewers are looking for someone who shows initiative and enthusiasm for the position as well as someone who is professional and capable of time management.

How to nail it: Set alarms, plan for traffic, and prepare your outfit and other materials the night before. If you’re coming from work or another engagement, leave on time. Schedule your interview in a way that pays respect to all of these factors.

Ignore that Text

Why focus matters: Checking texts or social media while your interview is in progress is disrespectful to the time your interviewers have set aside for you. This also shows a lack of interest and an inability to focus on one task at a time.

How to nail it: A good rule of thumb is to leave the phone in the car or turned off in a pocket or bag. If you must keep the phone operational during the meeting, announce its presence and explain your situation to be transparent.

Dress the Part

Why appearance matters: First impressions are paramount in interviews. Your interviewer will be looking for clean and professional appearance with few distracting baubles or other unnecessary elements.

How to nail it: Wear neutral colors and dress above the standard business dress code. Keep your beauty routine and personal care minimal, clean, and unassuming.

Monitor your Mannerisms

Why body language matters: Your interviewer is looking for a generally positive, open, and honest stance.

How to nail it: Make eye contact and focus on the speaker. Keep your hands and legs still except when taking notes – a recommended practice. Tapping and other repetitive behaviors are distracting to you and to the questioner(s), so keep these at bay.

Prep Insightful Questions

Why awareness matters: Interviewers often offer candidates the opportunity to ask questions during an interview. This practice not only allows them to answer any questions you may have, but also determine how much research you’ve done and what’s important to you.

How to nail it: Do your research and have questions. Generating questions during this period can often serve as your final statement about what moves you. Ask something specific in reference to the company website or body of work to appear informed and interested in things like working environment, company goals, and philosophies.

Remember, there are few right or wrong answers and honesty is, as always, the best policy. Your interviewer likely has a reason for asking each question. Try to be cognizant of what he or she is really asking and answer in a way that is authentic, yet playing to your strengths.
Need more assistance in your job search? Find your next job by searching at The Reserves Network. We will be happy to connect you to opportunities that suit your skills.

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Bringing it All Together: Balancing Personalities at Work

People are complicated. In the workplace, collaborative efforts are tough because personalities inevitably clash. At the intersection of fiery leaders, passive introverts, chatty types and slackers is (hopefully) a mediating manager who brings it all together. Managers are charged with a very difficult task. Keeping employees satisfied, challenged, and on task while facilitating group efforts amongst personalities that wouldn’t choose each other outside the office can be daunting. Whether you are the manager nodding along with this assessment of your struggle or an employee who empathizes and hopes to get along well with your colleagues, the following tips, tricks, and reformations of perception are designed to help. 

How to Perceive Personality

 Before you can work with personalities, you must understand them as a construct. It is said that inherently, we don’t change our personalities. Though we can chip away at our own undesirable behaviors and replace them with preferred ones, our personalities are much more innate and ingrained. This implies, then, that we will never change the personalities of those around us either, but we may be able to influence their behaviors.

Personality comes from heredity, the sum of our experiences, and our self-perceptions. What we choose to activate outwardly and express of our personalities is motivated by our goals and the conditions in which we operate. For example, a smart introvert may choose to exercise his or her more extroverted characteristics in a brainstorming session in order to be heard. He or she is aiming for recognition for the idea and can manipulate behaviors, but the introverted nature of his or her personality remains.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with personalities you perceive as “difficult” is that there is no neutral, correct, or “normal” personality type. Your personality is difficult for someone else to work with, too. To this end, a collaborative spirit and acceptance of your colleagues or employees as they are is a great foundation on which to build. Instilling this acceptance in your team will help them get along, too. 

A Guide to Strong Personalities

 Egos, opinion-champions, blamers, the easily angered types, passive-aggressive folks, bright-and-sunny types, leaders, followers, slackers, and overachievers are all strong personalities. Though to you, some of these may be undesirable and others seem ideal, another employee or manager may perceive them in an opposing way. Rather than evaluating anyone as “difficult,” it is important to find the best ways to handle each personality.

While some ego-trippers need to be brought down to size to give others a shot to shine, others need a position of power in order to take their work seriously. While some bright-and-sunny types need to be diluted by a pragmatist to keep things realistic, others just need a desk and 300 customers to please. It is important to first assess the strengths of your team members and assign tasks or pairings accordingly. Weaknesses can be assessed within the task or pairing, and only if they prove to be hindering. 

Strategies for Unification

Try the following strategies to make the most of a team of diverse personalities:

  • Cater to the personalities at-hand when it is reasonable
  • Avoid battles by exercising acceptance and finding middle-ground
  • Recount the mutual goals you all share
  • Find ways for all members to contribute in ways that highlight strengths
  • Reward teamwork and independent successes with recognition
  • Provide organizational support & professional development to hone team skills

For more tips on how to handle interpersonal management and other personnel-related challenges, work with a representative at The Reserves Network. Contact us today!

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The Unskippable Step: Background Checks Matter

In the light industrial field, safety is paramount. You secure your machinery, ensure that your building is up to code, and train your employees on proper handling. Everyone from management to temp labor knows the drill – but does your hiring staff play it safe?

In this post, we will explore the importance of exercising hiring safety by conducting background checks for all new hires. Protect the integrity and peace-of-mind of your staff, your assets, and your reputation by anticipating mishaps before they occur. Know your staff from onboarding forward to prevent harassment and interpersonal issues, theft and fraud, vandalism or misuse, and lawsuits.

Why Background Checks?

Background checks cost money and time. Maybe you ran a quick Google search on your new or potential hire and you feel that you’ve done enough. Perhaps your new hire was recommended by a staff member or someone you know and you’re sure there’s nothing to fear. Consider the following three reasons to maintain a stringent background check policy for all hiring practices.

  1. To Protect Your Staff

Your staff members trust you. As an advocate for your light industrial firm, you have a responsibility – legally and ethically – to keep them safe on the job. You don’t take that lightly. Hiring someone with a track record for violence or a deviant background may put your current employees at risk. Staying informed about your potential hire’s past will put your mind at ease and keep your staff safe.

  1. To Protect Your Assets

Did you know that more than $50 billion is stolen from businesses by their own employees each year?1 A simple background check may or may not have prevented those instances and protected those dollars, but it is a preventative measure which could have made a difference. Knowing that a potential hire has stolen in the past – from a previous employer or in any unrelated situation – may be the red flag you need to choose another candidate.

Theft isn’t the only concern. Individuals who have a history of committing vandalism or violence may damage your property if instigated. While a rogue case of adolescent graffiti may not indicate a proclivity toward property damage, a background check can at least help you ask the right questions in an interview and stay aware.

  1. To Protect Your Company

In the event that a member of your staff is harassed or put in danger on the job, he or she has every right to file a lawsuit. If said employee is harassed by an employee with a criminal record related to the offense, YOU and your company may be penalized and charged with Negligence in Hiring. In this case, the court may find that your company could have taken measures to prevent the offense in question and penalties could arise. Hiring someone with a criminal past may not result in any problems whatsoever, but your company should always be aware of risks.

Background checks are inarguably necessary to the success of your hiring process and should not be ignored. Looking into the past to better anticipate the future will protect your staff, your stuff, and your reputation. For more on this and other hiring practices, contact The Reserves Network today.

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The Reserves Network Makes Donation to Toys for Tots (WJW FOX 8)

VIDEO: The Reserves Network Reserves Network stopped by the Fox 8 Cleveland news station on Thursday, Dec. 3 to make a donation to Toys for Tots on behalf of the company.

Open House for Holiday Work!

The Reserves Network is having a job fair at the Winter Park location on December 7 from 9AM-3PM. Come and find opportunities with excellent benefits and great pay. General Labor positions available. Work weekends to make extra cash during the holidays. Evening work, Part Time hours! Immediate work available!

Please bring a resume with current work history. You can fill out our online application prior to arrival at www.TRNstaffing.com. Be prepared to pass pre-screen testing.

Monday, December 7

The Reserves Network – Winter Park
925 S. Semoran Blvd. Suite 102
Winter Park, FL 32792

Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Winter Park
(407) 774-7770

Job Fair at Lakeland Community College

The Reserves Network is having a job fair at the Lakeland Community College on January 21, from 12-4. Come and find opportunities with excellent benefits and great pay. We will have recruiters located in the bookstore hallway. Please bring a resume OR work history.

We’re seeking:

Machine Operator
Material Handler

Please bring a resume with current work history. You can fill out our online application prior to arrival at www.TRNstaffing.com.

Thursday, January 21
10:00AM – 1:00PM

Lakeland Community College
7700 Clocktower Drive
Kirtland, Ohio 44094

Contact for more information:
The Reserves Network – Mentor
(440) 974-7171