Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

Most people are able to quickly recognize the value of long-term employees who have been with a company 10, 20, 30 years, but did you know we have seen a drastic rise in temporary workers because of the benefits they bring to the team?

Let’s explore a few of the main advantages:

Temporary employees provide employers with the flexibility to easily adjust to changes in the workload by adding and deducting support as needed without having to add full-time salaries or make layoffs. They may also enable companies to access specific talent profiles that they don’t possess internally for a given period of time.

When a company has a need for additional support due to a change in production, special projects, or seasonal work, a temporary worker can support the team. A temporary worker may also be the solution for a sudden departure. Human Resources may search for a permanent solution while the workflow isn’t being jeopardized.

In addition, temporary workers may be a valuable resource for long-term absences, such as maternity or medical leave, military duty or sabbatical. Temporary workers provide you with the flexibility and convenience you need to make smooth transitions without interfering with business activities.

Cost effective
Temporary workers are a cost-effective option because the staffing agency is responsible for undertaking the responsibility of recruiting, screening, skills testing, hiring workers, payroll, taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance and benefits.

In general, employees are paid only for hours worked, so companies do not have to pay a salary for full-time employment. It may also be cost-effective to hire temporary workers while a permanent employee is out for long-term disability, vacation or maternity leave.

In addition, instead of hiring someone and laying them off when you no longer have that same work load, you can help the employee have a smooth transition out of the company.

Long-term fit
Hiring a temporary employee may provide the employee as well as the employer with time to evaluate if the position and company are the right fit. This can give either or both sides a smoother transition out of the company if they decide it’s not the best fit, or an easy transition to permanent employment. Hiring temporary employees may also be an effective way of getting work done while searching for a full-time candidate.

Focus on bottom line
When you hire a temporary employee, they are actually an employee of the staffing agency. TRN is responsible for recruiting, screening, skills testing, hiring workers, payroll, taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance and benefits. This also includes the finances associated with these tasks. By handling these time-consuming processes, the employer is free to focus on their core business responsibilities.

Done successfully, supplementing permanent employees with temporary employees is a strategic process. Temporary work is not always the answer, but it’s important to recognize when and why temporary workers are preferred. It’s imperative to evaluate your business needs and the situation to determine the most effective approach.

If you think a temporary or contract position is right for you, but you don’t have the bandwidth to handle all the details, consider partnering with The Reserves Network. We have qualified, reliable, skilled workers ready to work for you.

Why a Temporary Position May Be Right for You

America’s staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees in a year, according to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

Temporary positions are becoming increasingly common. They are available in nearly all industries and positions. They can be full-time or part-time. They may need you for a day, or several years.

Temporary positions can sometimes have a negative connotation. However, they have many benefits you may want to consider:

Flexible schedule
Many positions are second or third shift (first shift if available, too!). Staffing agencies offer assignments with a variety of work schedules, from a few hours to full time to overtime. In households with children with limited child care, it may be a wonderful opportunity to earn supplemental income.

Opportunity to explore new options
Many people trying a new position enjoy the flexibility of a temporary job. If you are thinking of exploring a new career path, a temporary position can give you the hands-on experience to help you make the decision with confidence. They are able to work a position for a period of time and then have the flexibility to try a new position, industry or company without the commitment of a direct hire position.

Confidence boost
If you find yourself unemployed for an extended period of time and are feeling down or having financial issues, accepting a temporary position may give you the boost you need. The position may provide structure and meaning to reenergize your career.

Learn new skills
Exploring a temporary position may provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills, gain new experience, or acquire knowledge and stay up to date with current trends. These new skills and experience help build your resume. It may be a lot easier to explain why you held a temporary job than why you have long gaps of unemployment.

It’s a paycheck
Let’s face it–it can be challenging to find a job. Sometimes you need a job, whether it is temporary or permanent. We all count on that paycheck. If you are unable to find a permanent job, you may accept a temporary job to allow yourself time to figure out what action you want to take.

Broaden your professional network
Meeting new people in your industry is never a bad thing. Even if you aren’t offered a full time position at the company, if you do your best work, you may meet someone, who knows someone, who can offer you a full-time position.

Could lead to full-time work
Moving from temporary to full-time status is common. Working as a temp can give both parties time to evaluate and see if they are a good fit.

Less stress
A temporary position may provide the opportunity to gain money and experience without having to invest in long-term success of a position or company. Of course, if you would like the possibility of a long-term position with the company, it’s important to put in the effort. But if it’s clear it’s a seasonal job, just do your best at work but there’s likely no need to stress after work. It may leave you with more of a work/life balance and time to focus on education or other interests.


Before making any decision, it’s important to research the staffing company and the hiring company to gather as much information as you can. It may be helpful to write down the pros and cons of accepting a position.

We know many of our employees find TRN valuable—in a recent survey of our workforce, 93 percent of TRN employees would recommend and refer friends and family to join us at The Reserves Network.

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What to Know About a Company Before an Interview

You have one chance to impress a potential employer, and that is during your interview. Usually, one of the first questions asked by the employer is, “what do you know about our company?” A little research prior to the interview will not only make you stand out among the other candidates but will also give you the confidence you need to sell yourself.

The most obvious way to learn about the company is online. Just reading the “About Us” section of a website can help you formulate answers to interview questions and will assist you in coming up with meaningful questions to ask at the end of the interview. Areas of research should include whether it is a public or private company, what its products or services consist of, who its competitors are and if the company has any big initiatives in the works.

Doing research will allow you to come across and prepared and informed.


Lee Rachelson, regional director, TempWise Staffing

TempWise is an affiliate company of The Reserves Network based in Tampa, Fla.

TempWise Relocates in Tampa

TempWise, an affiliate of The Reserves Network staffing agency, has relocated to 341 S. Plant Avenue in Tampa, Fla.

TempWise, which was founded in 1995, specializes in administrative and clerical staffing. Office staff includes: Lee Rachelson, regional director; Cheri Settle, account executive; Amanda Filzen, staffing supervisor; and Michele Norman, staffing supervisor.

“TempWise has been able to establish itself as a premier personnel service within the Tampa Bay area by maintaining a strong commitment to providing ‘Service with Value’ to our customers and employees,” says Rachelson. “We look forward to continuing to serve the community at our new location—just a few minutes down the road.”

TempWise is one of three offices The Reserves Network has in Florida, with additional locations in Clearwater and Winter Park.