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Vendor Management Services

Vendor Management Services (VMS) allows The Reserves Network to meet your goals more effectively by broadening your talent pool through vendor partnerships...

How It Works and Why:
The Reserves Network will maintain overall responsibility and control over the account, while the vendor partners that are selected share access to information and orders in a way that benefits both our customer and all participants.

More than ever before, TRN can help our customers reduce labor costs, manage the external workforce and reduce internal HR and A/P head-count through expanded teamwork. Our browser- and mobile-based vendor management solution improves customer service, reduces costs for everyone, and attracts the best talent.

Developed by the Staffing Industry:
Primary Provider VMS is designed exclusively for the staffing industry and provides TRN with distinct competitive advantages that broad-based systems cannot offer.

Customer Choice:
Primary Provider VMS allows The Reserves Network to adopt vendor-neutral partnerships with staffing companies currently servicing our customers and any others we both may wish to work with. This will allow them the convenience of a single source provider and consolidated invoicing, along with the ability to retain proven relationships with other suppliers. Sharing orders on a predetermined basis ensures that you are not left with unfilled orders and that the quality of service and placements remains at the highest level possible.